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So maybe a few of you saw my thread a while back about a band called Order of the Crimson Wizard.

I found em through RBN and their song is so awesome.
Well... i decided to contact em yesterday and ask em about their new demo they are making and when it would become available since i love their song on Rock Band and I wanna hear more from them. They emailed me back saying their demo is done, but they would put it up for sale ASAP. They also attached an MP3 of Scream Ceremony (their song on RBN) just cause i like it so much and there's no way to get it otherwise than straight from them since their original EP is sold out. I was so happy to recieve the reply email from them and i'm happily listening to Scream Ceremony right now over and over again cause it's an awesome song.

I just felt like sharing this story with you guys cause I think it's so awesome how RBN has made me discover one of my favorite local bands that im not even close to location wise to see live.

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