Letters From a nut Beatles Reference

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I don't know if you heard of this. Its called letters from a nut by Ted L Nancy and he is kind of a nut:p He writes letters to companies and they send him letters back. For example he worked in a hotel and was in mickey mantle's room mickey was clipping his nails and when mickey left Ted took the nails, wrote to the Baseball HOF in cooperstown and they wrote back and they wanted it.LOL. It was a mystery for like 10 years on who wrote these letters then jerry seinfeld introduced him on Larry king today. Anyways in his letters he had beatles references.
Not word for word.

To Oakland (I don't know something for parties)
He writes that he is having a party for tiny people. then he goes on how we don't like to be called midgets even though he isn't one. Then he says our entertainment is Tiny Bennett. He's tiny and sings like tony bennett

They Write back we would like to have this party here but we could get you tony bennett.

Then he writes back we don't want tony bennett. If you don't want tiny bennett then how about Small McCartney. He's small and sings like Paul McCartney.

Then another reference is...

He writes to this place saying that he wants to open a restaurant. He wants to call it I Am The Walrus. Wants something on the menu called Ko Ko Ka Choo. I am The Walrus Ko Ko Ka Choo.


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