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I'm not sure what happened, but there's a couple trophies I earned that aren't showing up. In the Beatles trophy menu, it shows that I've earned the "Drum Career" and the "Score 1,000,000 points" trophies, but when I check my overall percentage, they aren't showing up there. What's going on and how can I get them to show up?


  • DroosiesDroosies Rising Star
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    So no one can help me? :(
  • skyttskyttskyttskytt Headliner
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    I forget what causes this exactly. I think the only fix is to start a new career and go for the achievement there (or possibly fully deleting the save file if starting a new career doesn't have its own progress on that). Make sure you've done all the other progress-based achievements before you do that, though, since you'll get to restart your progress on those, too, if you delete the file, unless you're able to move the save file to an external storage device and then move it back when you're done with that achievement (if that's even possible, no idea if it is).

    No idea why I read "achievement" out of all that, thought you were on the 360 even though you're clearly not. Oh well.
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