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If a band is interested in having their music in RBN, how do they know which authoring group to use? There are so many to choose from. Does the authoring group have a flat fee or get a cut of the sales? Should the band contact multiple authors and try to negotiate the best deal?


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    It just depends.

    Some have flat fees, some get a cut of the sales, some if they love the band enough will do it for very little or free of charge.

    And of course those fees and percentages vary from group to group.

    So your best bet is to tell the artist in question to do some comparison shopping based on their needs and expectations.
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    Thanks. I have a band that has stated their interest, but wasn't sure about the process. I directed them to the RBN information pages, but since they are in the studio now, finishing their 2nd album has a higher priority. I thought I'd ask the questions and then pass on the info.
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    My suggestions for figuring out the right company are to look for an RBN band or two that you think is in the same neighborhood as the band you're looking at and start there. There's 600 songs so far, so you're bound to find one. Also, look at who's active; if they've released anything in the last month you can be pretty sure they're still working. I can't think of any team that releases under a name totally different from their company name, so browse the store by author, that'll give you a good idea of that.

    Do that and you can easily narrow it down to the "level" of team that's right for the band (niche, mid-size, or major) and the teams that are active in that range. Suddenly your 40+ list of authors is down to 4; from there it's whoever you get the best vibe from. :)
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    Great advice. I appreciate the helpful replies. The unfortunate part is that even if they get their songs in RBN, I may never get to play it as a PS3 user. But that's a bit selfish on my part. I still want to see them in the game.
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