Beatles LE Brand New Instrument Question's

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Hey!! finaly just got the LE in hands! really like the way they packed the box way better then the other bundles iv seen...

Guitar Question's
Is the head of the guitar supposed to be on there weak rattle around and not be really on there? cause mine rattles around and moves not real good attached!

Is there supposed to be finger prints and marks all over the guitar Brand new? Chips in the Front of the body! the white lil plastic strips in the front and back also come up!

Is the Xbox Button Supposed to have to be pressed down at 70 to 80 pounds of pressure to get this to activate?
cause i thought mine was broken till i pressed it in real hard and bam...Start Button does this as well!!
Didnt test the buttons yet or strum bar but ill update this as soon as i play 1 or 2 songs of testing...
Update...Strum bar is actually alot better then my rb2 wireless guitar! and the buttons are pretty nice too! cannot really complain but i still have yet to test a quicker song!
but so far up and down strum are working fine and usually its the slower notes you can realize the double hit! or sections of triple greens! no problems there! happy happy joy joy!! LOL!! just because of that i probley won't wanna warrenty this!

Never touched the drums i was gonna save that for RB3 but now after all that i feel like i better plug that in and test it out before i really get raped!! Also never tested the mic but now i will today! rather then saving it for rb3!

Edit 2...Although i never tested the drums i got a really good feeling about them!! They look Soooo Nice i wish i could buy a second one seperated from a bundle!! Should definitely sololy release that kit would be a great idea!! some may like the black pads! some like the white!!...i kinda wanna combo them together so the snare is white and the yellow blue and green are black! but unsure of the connections or type of pads they are..and im not killing my warrenty lol!!

i also feel like ill never buy a product from harmonix ever again!! after about 1'000$ of content im really thinking about selling it!! way way way way way to many problems and the more i buy the more i know im gonna lose and have to buy again to continue to rock out!
what is this some kinda obvious company scam?!?!
i really like the game and i don't wanna see it fail like this! but it is! and its a hard fact to acknowledge for me!

i really wish i could fix all there problems for them!! but im not the smartest person in the world!! how could someone like me KNOW 100% i can make a better strumbar mechanism and button's and know the guitars are looked at and tested before packing them up and shipping them to 100,000's of people! mostly with just acouple of 20 can accomplish these tests ...hell even 1 person can do a whole load of test's within 1 day!
and i know they pay people to test...sounds like there paying them to do nothing is more like it!!
why in the world would they continue to ship these products knowing there failed test's!!! :eek:


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    Where did you buy it "new"? I got my version through ebay and it was listed as "new" but stated it was a damaged package so everything was examined to be sure it wasn't broken. If you bought it at a store as fully new then it sounds like someone repackaged and returned it. It would not have been in the condition you describe.

    As for the xbox button being hard to press, my drums are that way. You don't really have to press super hard but you do have to give good pressure for a few seconds to get it to come on. I wasn't too happy with that but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.
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    i ordered through amazon marked new....ehhh the lil nitch in the front of the body isnt to much of a big deal the working strum bar makes up for that!....also no battery issues or sync issues ....the drums look real nice i still didnt test them out...
    yeah the package did looked taped up! when i opened the package tho it had that new smell...such a powerful new smell i though i was breathing anthrax in there for a minute lol!!!

    i think im just gonna look at the neck and see if i can put a peice of cardboard or foam in the head so it doesnt wiggle around but does anybody else's do that? all my rb2 wireless guitars snapped on real nice and never did that
    yeah the xbox button and start button really need a good push to work...
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    The xbox button is programed that way. Takes a few seconds to activate in case you accidentally hit it during game play. Only Beatles instruments have this feature so far.
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    oh that might explain that!....both the start button and the xbox button do that...but now the back/select button works fine ..directional pad works fine...
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