Bad Feedback With Eyetoy

linnetlinnet Unsigned
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I just installed Rock Band: The Beatles, and just have the SingStar mics.
I also have an Eyetoy connected.
Even if I disable the Eyetoy in the PS3 audio settings, I get really bad feedback when I use Rock Band.
The only remedy I have found is to disconnect the Eyetoy when I play Rock Band.

When it is connected, even though I have disabled the mics from it in the PS3 settings menu, two mics still appear for it on the game screen.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.



  • Dozer3677Dozer3677 Opening Act
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    Linnet, same thing happened to me. I asked around and emailed w/harmonix. Unfortunately, there is no advice except you have to disconnect the eyetoy and reconnect it every time. Sorry, there doesn't seem to be any other fix I found. And that was almost 6-8 months ago. If you find another solution, please let me know. Thanks.
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