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I just purchased the rockband value bundle with the beatles software, and I can't seem to get any type of power response from the wireless guitar which cam with it. It is an xbox 360 system, and I get no indication of power when I push the xbox button on the guitar. Is this a known product failure, or am I overlooking something very simple. I have fresh batteries installed correctly, but is the only power switch the xbox button just above the sync button on the guitar body? Any help would be appreciated. Nothing worse than buying a kid a b-day present and can't get it to work.


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    Some of them have an on-off switch just above the battery area. Try that.

    Two: When you press that XBOX button on the guitar, try pressing the button on the dongle at the same time. That will sync the two together.

    Aside from that......no. It could just be a faulty guitar.
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    xbox guitars don't have dongles. They sync straight to the console.

    If you've got fresh batteries try holding down the guide button. If you continue to have issues please give EA a shout for some further assistance.
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