Beatles on Jeopardy

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McCartney was a category on jeopardy.

2nd last category was alex said Lenin and McCartney. McCartney being the last one. However obviously Lenin not being John Lennon but Vladimir Lenin. Here were the McCartney category questions

400: Paul wrote and sang this song in 1967 for his dad because his dad was turning this age.

800: This Beatles song released in 1963 opens up with this lyric. She was just 17 if you know what i mean.

1200: This is song is the last song on his album Tug of war and is a duet with Stevie Wonder

1600: A distrgruntled George Harrison in 1968 came into the studio telling paul that they needed to get away and run from the group inspiring this 1973 McCartney Album

2000: Paul McCartney's classical album released in 2006 is called
Ecce Cor Meum. Meaning Behold my ____.

I beat my dad in jeopardy cause i got all of the answers right :D
Try and get the answers


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