2000th song for PS3

maek314maek314 Unsigned
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What will the 2000th song for the PS3 and the Wii be? Because there won't be 2000 songs available on the PS3 and the Wii ... :D


  • RealMessiahRealMessiah Road Warrior
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    Who knows? Seems that is weeks away isn't it? How many RBN songs does PS3 have? Far less than half of the total eh?
  • maek314maek314 Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Exactly. The only songs that I actually want off the RBN (that I don't already have) are by Widespread Panic. Only available for XBOX360, though. It's frustrating. I tire of hearing "based on sales" and "licensing agreements" etc. It would behoove HMX to get a better legal staff to increase their sales.

    Demand is here, but I guess no one wants to get paid.
  • SirDavidTLynchSirDavidTLynch Headliner
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    It has very little to do with licensing (from what I've gathered, bands have to give permission but have no reason not to) and more to do with converting songs and getting them approved by Sony and Nintendo QA.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Our bands have given legal permission to add their songs to all platforms. But since Sony set a limit of 5 songs a week, HMX is picking the best-selling and most-wanted stuff to port over. So it would be a while before any of our stuff, at least, gets there.

    Given how many songs there are to port, there's a lot of stuff that won't be seeing the PS3 for a good while. I hope Sony raises the cap though, I got friends with PS3s (and one of the bands I'm working with plays primarily on PS3, if I remember right) who would love to have more RBN content.
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