Steam Powered Giraffe - "Electricity is in My Soul" (and more!)

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Do you like robots? Do you like love songs? Then buy this song!

It is quite amazing. It's got a very unique sound and the lyrics are pretty epic. I had never heard of the band before seeing them available in RBN. But after playing the song once on drums and once on guitar, I was so hooked that I just had to sing it myself.

I came here to find out any information on the band, but nobody seems to be talking about them. That's a shame. So in looking the band up, they seem to have fully adopted RBN, as their splash page features the band playing on Rock Band instruments and their FAQ sheds some light on their next potential RBN2.0(!) song:
Q: Where is the song "Brass Goggles"?! Everyone loves that song and would love to play it on Rock Band!

A: Calm down. We are thoroughly aware that "Brass Goggles" is a popular song. We wouldn't be very smart if we didn't consider it for play on Rock Band. Out of all the songs on Album One, "Electricity is in My Soul" and "Brass Goggles" were the two up for consideration, as they fit the "rock" theme of the game very well. We simply chose "Electricity" as our first song because we have bigger plans for "Brass Goggles". As you may or may not know, Rock Band 3 is coming out at the end of October 2010, and with it comes Pro Guitar, Pro Drums, and Pro Keys. The addition of the fifth keyboard player is very exciting and we've decided to hold back on "Brass Goggles" until Rock Band 3 comes out so we can author the piano part for it. There is no official date when "Brass Goggles" will be out but you can expect it sometime in early 2011 if anything. We are also aware that "Electricity is in My Soul" has piano parts in it, and we might consider adding those parts in down the road.
Hurray! That's what I like to call a band on top of things. What do you guys think? Any other fans here?
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