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This is a list of the songs that have proper pro drum authoring from the RBN version 1.0 in Rock Band 3. This list has been compiled from personal playtests and with the help of various RBN authoring companies. It will continue to grow, but will not include RBN 2.0 songs because most if not all of them will have pro drums.

Please note: If a song does not contain pro drum data, then all yellow, blue, and green notes will appear as cymbals in the game. If there are tom gems, then the song has pro drum authoring. Old songs cannot be fixed unless a completely new version is released and purchased again.

AGL Solutions
The Asbestos - Jack and the Harlots

Fatter Than Albert - Better Sleep *
The Pinstripes - Come On In
Ride Your Bike - Coat Rack
She Bears - What Morning Brings
The Taj Motel Trio – OaOaO

Arkaea - Gone Tomorrow
Arkaea - Years in the Darkness & (2x Bass Pedal)
Cephalic Carnage - Abraxas of Filth
Decrepit Birth - The Resonance
Deadlock - The Brave/Agony Applause & (2x Bass Pedal)
Dirge Within - Forever the Martyr
Dirty Filthy Mugs - Another Round
Fear of Water - Firewall
Grieve for Tomorrow - Beauty is Deceiving
Kataklysm - At the Edge of the World
Kataklysm - Determined (Vows Of Vengeance) (2x Bass Pedal)
Kataklysm - Numb & Intoxicated & (2x Bass Pedal)
Kittie - The Truth
Mike Orlando - Burn # & (2x Bass Pedal)
Nova - California
Poets of the Fall – Lift
Silent Descent - Beyond Grey & (2x Bass Pedal)
Sonata Arctica - Flag in the Ground & (2x Bass Pedal)
Terra Terra Terra - Transmission Lost
We are the Illusion - The Podium

The Authority
August Burns Red - Marianas Trench & (2x Bass Pedal)
Barefoot Truth - Threads
Christmas at the Devil's House - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Citizen Cope - I Couldn't Explain Why
Converge - Dark Horse
D Money Pros - Saw Down (He Knows)
The Downtown Fiction - Oceans Between Us *
Garage A Trois - Rescue Spreaders
J.A.C.K. - I Cut Off My Arms
Haste The Day - Dog Like Vultures
Kutless - Strong Tower
OK Go - White Knuckles
Since October - The Way You Move
Sleater-Kinney - Entertain
Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers
Sleater-Kinney - Rollercoaster
Stan Bush - The Touch
State of Shock - Money Honey
Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes
Surfer Blood - Swim

Kramus - Down Below
Kramus - Embrace Your Rage
Songs To Wear Pants To - Shoot The Zombies
Songs To Wear Pants To - Stevie
Your Heart - Spring

Chart Toppers Authoring
Broken Equilibrium - Epitome of Misery & (2x Bass Pedal)
Broken Equilibrium - November & (2x Bass Pedal)
Jacob Chaney - Cluster #2 (RB2 Version)
Kylie D. Hart - Firehouse Bar
Rainbowdragoneyes - Creatures ov Deception & (2x Bass Pedal)
Shylo Elliott - Alpha Strike & (2x Bass Pedal)
Shylo Elliott - Bittersweet Melancholy
Shylo Elliott - Drum Exercises for the Sufficiently Masochistic
Shylo Elliott - Light
Shylo Elliott - P.W.M.O.

2nd Thought - Just Hang On
Bright Midnight - Hotel Saigon
BSM - Falling Apart
Coelacanths - Apocalypse for Breakfast
Daas Bosh - Eternal Divine Angel Death #
Down Factor - Blinded
Highlord - Simple Man
Lightwires - Magician
Lyrics for Monday – Runaway
Mafia Track Suit - Samiam
Man Parts - Motorcide (2x Bass Pedal)
Monte Casino - All I Need
Morgawr - Lindisfarne
Morgawr - Herlathing
The Raspberry Ants - Janie
Shokkher - Burn Her Out
Stagehands - Welcome to Our Town *
Those Among Us - I Thought I Knew You
The Virginmarys - Bang Bang Bang
Yesternight's Decision - Dying Wish of a Living Man

Freen in Green
Bluefusion - (Random Song)
Bluefusion - Industrialized
Bumblefoot - Guitars SUCK
Bumblefoot - Real
Freen in Green - Erratic Eruption
Freen in Green - Iceblind
Freen in Green - Nocturnal Wasteland & (2x Bass Pedal)
Wolfblur - Frostbite Cavern

Gamer Beats, Inc.
Confide - Now Or Never
Free Electric State - Linear A
I Am Abomination - The Deceiver
Pink Flag - Dirty Hair Party
Pink Flag - Roman Candle
Rhune Kincaid - iPhone

Offbeat Entertainment
The 22-20's - Latest Heartbreak
Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering
The Downtown Fiction - Best I Never Had
Evanescence - Going Under
The Knew - United
Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over
Portugal. The Man - Do You
Raven Quinn - Catalyst
Sister Sin - On Parole

Ozone Entertainment
Bright Midnight - Hand Me Down
The Giraffes - Done
Sophie B. Hawkins - Beautiful Girl

Music Game Studios
Andy Timmons - Headed For The Ditch
Dash Rip Rock - Johnny Ace 2010
Grammatrain - The Last Sound
Ludicra - Veils
Moses Tucker - Damn Good Man
New Rising Son - Holy Ground
New Rising Son - Rain
No Justice - Love Song
Sideburn - Cherry Red
Slim Cessna - Americadio
The Shazam - On the Airwaves
The Shazam - So Awesome
The Wargasm - Jigsaw Man

Affiance - Call to the Warrior
Amberian Dawn - Snowmaiden
Amberian Dawn - Fate of the Maiden
Amberian Dawn - Lionheart
Amberian Dawn - Lullaby
Amberian Dawn - Morning Star
Amberian Dawn - Saga
Amberian Dawn - Sons of Seven Stars
Amberian Dawn - Sunrise
Architects - Learn to Live
Arena - Volver a Nacer
Attack Attack! - Smokahontas
Ayreon - Dawn of a Million Souls (Rock Band Mix)
Bang Camaro - Revolution
Blanks. - Pouncer
Blanks. - Lodger
Blanks. - (Lone Wolf) Soccer Mom
Breathe Carolina - Hello Fascination
Children of Nova - Arcaedion
Children of Nova - The Fall of Aphonia
Children of Nova - We Collide
Chiodos - Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With a Monkey Face)
Dance Gavin Dance - Lemon Meringue Tie
Dark From Day One - New Addiction
The Downtown Fiction - I Just Wanna Run
Faithful Darkness - Stay Awake
Fake Problems - 5678
Fake Problems - Soulless
Fang Island - Daisy
Firewind - The Fire and the Fury & (2x Bass Pedal)
Firewind - Head Up High
Firewind - World on Fire
First Blood - Enemy
Glitzy Glow - Black and Sunny Day
Graveyard BBQ - The Clothes That Makes the Man #
Graveyard BBQ - Creamskull Boogie
Graveyard BBQ - Ride the Stache
Heaven Shall Burn - Endzeit
Heaven Shall Burn - The Omen
In This Moment - The Gun Show
Inkubus Sukkubus - Heart of Lilith 2010
Inkubus Sukkubus - Queen of the May 2010
Kill Hannah - Strobe Lights
Last Day Off - Mrs. Right
Massive Slavery - Humanty's Last Hope... & (2x Bass Pedal)
Moving Atlas - Becoming Blue
Nachtmystium - Nightfall
Nautiluz - Chasing the Light
Nonpoint - Alive and Kicking *
Nonpoint - Bullet With a Name
Of Mice and Men - Second and Sebring
Of Mice and Men - Those in Glass Houses
of Montreal - An Eluardian Instance
Otep - Smash the Control Machine
Polar Bear Club - Living Saints
Pythia - The Damned
The Riptides - Call Me
The Roman Line - Worst Case Ontario
Rosaline - Model Ships
Scott Attrill - 2 Invade (Stadium Mix)
Scott Attrill - Girls Love Techno *
Suicide Silence - Wake Up
Terror - Stick Tight
Texas in July - Uncivilized
Vampires Everywhere! - Undead Heart
Victory in Numbers - The King is Dead
The Waking Hours - New Revolution
Woe, Is Me - [&] Delinquents

Ryhthm Authors
After the Burial - Berzerker
After the Burial - Cursing Akhenaten
All Hallow’s Evil - The Cold Taste of Nickel Plated Steel
Asking Alexandria - A Prophecy
Asking Alexandria - Hey There Mr. Brooks
Audio Ammunition - War Against the Radio
Between the Buried and Me - Obfuscation
Blackguard - Allegiance
Bluefusion - Fighting Spirit & (2x Bass Pedal)
Bojibian - Hallway
The B.O.L.T. - Homeless
The B.O.L.T. - Nothing Ever Comes
Bright Midnight - For the Strange
Bright Midnight - The Stranger
Bright Midnight - Killers of the Worst Type
The Break Down - Peace of Mind
BulletProof Messenger - Arm Yourself
Bulletproof Messenger - Control
Comeback Kid - Do Yourself A Favor
C&O - Step on the Throat
Emmure - 10 Signs You Should Leave
The Fetals - Afflicted
John Garrison - Lost
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel
The Last Good Year - Lipstick Cigarette
Lost in the Crawlspace - Spyglass
Minnesota Sex Junkies - Fly on the Wall
Minnesota Sex Junkies - Hate Myself
Minnesota Sex Junkies - I Want It Back
Minnesota Sex Junkies - Like This
Nations Afire - Curtain Call
New West - Bend
Periphery - Buttersnips
Periphery - Icarus Lives
Richard Campbell - A Christmas Rock Medley
Shelly Rastin feat. Randy Bachman - High Class Trailer Trash
Strayplay - Vuvuzela Anthem
Taproot - Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)
Terrorhorse - Modern Mathematics
Verax - Forest
Warpath - Damnation

That Authoring Group
Devin Townsend - ZTO & (2x Bass Pedal)
I Am King Tony - Stereo Stereo
Lnk. Ken Kardashian - The December Experience

Amy Courts - Shiver
Big Kenny - One More Time
Blessthefall - Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted
Cauldron - All Or Nothing
Driven By Entropy - Escaping
Evile - Hundred Wrathful Deities
Freezepop - Special Effects
Impaled - The Last Gasp
James William Roy - Paper Valentines
Jonathan Coulton - Big Bad World One
Justin Joseph Edwards - I Want You to See
Kingsize - Elevator
Kingsize - Miss America
Kingsize - Rabbits
Kirby Krackle - Ring Capacity
Kirby Krackle - Vault 101
Hourcast - Attraction
Hourcast - Big Deal
Hourcast - Clockwork
Hourcast - Hell or Hollywood
Impaled - The Last Gasp
Matt 'Chainsaw' Chaney - Donuts, Go Nuts!
Nerf Herder - Welcome to My World
Philip Franco - Jam *
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