Alter Bridges album Isolation as dlc

triviumisgodlytriviumisgodly Unsigned
edited October 2010 in Your Ultimate Setlist
After hearing Alter Bridges new album on youtube I think this is there best album and would be great for dlc for RB3. Technically the album is not out in the US until about a month or so I think and most likely Harmonix will release more classic bands as dlc first...... as they should. After those bands get their due and Isolation comes out it should get released in its entireity. In my opinion there is not a weak track on the album and would be immensly fun on all instruments (such a talented band.) I dare vocalists to try and reach Myles Kennedys range and Mark Trementi has some amazing fretwork on this album. AB also implements vocal harmonies as well. So your thoughts on this album getting released as dlc?
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