Chart Toppers Authoring Official News, Previews, and Releases Thread

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Alright, now that we have a few songs in the store and some sweet announcements, I figure it’s now time to make our own update thread.

This is the official Chart Toppers Authoring News, Previews, and Releases thread. Here, I will maintain a list of all songs we have available, as well as all songs we can announce. I will do my best to keep this updated as often as possible, and of course there will be updates each time a song of ours is released.

We hope to bring some really amazing stuff to the table, and we hope you enjoy them. If you've bought our songs, the staff at CTA thanks you and hopes that you've enjoyed our offerings.

ALL SONGS RELEASED BY CHART TOPPERS AUTHORING CONTAIN PRO DRUMS. If no toms are charted, the song has no toms.

Since RB3's new tiering option doesn't fully represent the difficulty of RBN songs, I will be putting tiers next to all our released songs on this list so you know what you're in for.


Chart Toppers Authoring, LLC is a Rock Band Network authoring company based in Tennessee. We pride ourselves in bringing amazing artists to the Rock Band Network platform and increasing the exposure of lesser-known artists as well as more established acts.

Please visit the following links to know more about us and keep track of our songs.

[CENTER]Our Artists:[/CENTER]

Shylo Elliott

Broken Equilibrium


Kylie D. Hart

Jacob Chaney

[CENTER]Currently Available Songs: [/CENTER]

Tiering Structure:

(Guitar/Drums/Bass/Vocals (Harmonies)/Keys/Pro Keys/Band)

Tiers will be ranked from 0 (no dots) to 6 (devil tier). If a song has no part, its tier will be listed as N. If the song contains vocal harmonies, then the number of vocalists will be listed next to the vocal tier with a P next to it, like 2P and 3P.

Shylo Elliott – Light (1/0/0/N/N/N/0)
Shylo Elliott – Bittersweet Melancholy (3/3/0/N/N/N/2)
Shylo Elliott – Far Wanderings (4/N/N/N/N/N/4) (Guitar-only track)
Shylo Elliott – Drum Exercises for the Sufficiently Masochistic (N/6/N/N/N/N/6) (Drum-only track)
Shylo Elliott – P.W.M.O. (5/5/3/N/N/N/4)
Broken Equilibrium – Epitome of Misery (2/4/2/2/N/N/3)
Broken Equilibrium – November (1/3/2/1/N/N/1)
Shylo Elliott – Alpha Strike (6/6/5/N/N/N/6)
Rainbowdragoneyes – Creatures ov Deception (6/6/5/2/N/N/6)
Shylo Elliott - Alpha Strike (2x Bass Pedal) (6/6/5/N/N/N/6)
Broken Equilibrium – Epitome of Misery (2x Bass Pedal) (2/4/2/2/N/N/3)
Broken Equilibrium - November (2x Bass Pedal) (1/4/2/1/N/N/1)
Rainbowdragoneyes - Creatures ov Deception (2x Bass Pedal) (6/6/5/2/N/N/6)
Kylie D. Hart - Firehouse Bar (4/3/1/3/N/N/3)
Jacob Chaney - Cluster #2 (RB2 Version) (6/6/5/N/N/N/6)

[CENTER]Songs in Quarantine:[/CENTER]


[CENTER]Songs in Peer Review:[/CENTER]

Kurodust - Doll in the Dust

[CENTER]Songs in Playtesting:[/CENTER]

Shylo Elliott - Cool Concoction
Shylo Elliott - Dark Escape

[CENTER]Songs Announced:[/CENTER]

Askari Nari - Cluster #2
Askari Nari - Mercury Blooming
Broken Equilibrium - Culling the Weak
Broken Equilibrium - Culling the Weak (2x Bass Pedal)
Broken Equilibrium - Devour
Broken Equilibrium - Devour (2x Bass Pedal)
Rainbowdragoneyes - ???


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    New to the Rock Band Network Store 10/22/10:

    Shylo Elliott - P.W.M.O.

    This catchy instrumental is sure to be stuck in your head well after you're done playing it. With 3 fun guitar solos and 2 diverse but interesting drum solos, as well as intense drum fills and stamina-testing bass, this song has the mix of challenge and fun that will have you playing it again and again.
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    Thanks for making a thread, itnterested in what else you'll have down the road.
  • QuazifujiQuazifuji Opening Act
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    Arcanon;4105491 said:
    Is that... chiptune dance metal? Awesome. Drum and guitar charts look really crazy, too. Their website seems to be broken though.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Updated the list:

    -Placed note at top confirming that all of our songs have and will contain Pro Drums.
    -Added original tiers for every released song to counter the RB3 tiering changes.
    -Updated songs in Playtesting and Peer Review.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    OK, lotsa updates to put here!

    First off, today one of our songs hit the RBN store! Broken Equilibrium - Epitome of Misery is now available to download for the Xbox 360! This rocking track promises to be fun on all instruments, and the Pro Drums chart on it will not disappoint. You can get the full version here or the trial here.

    Unfortunately, the song's page doesn't seem to be up, so for the time being the link in the OP will lead to the full version of the song on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Secondly, both November and Creatures ov Deception will be hitting Peer Review once the bugs in the system have been worked out, so those should hopefully come out soon! The latest version of Alpha Strike will join them.

    Next, we have added two more songs by Shylo Elliott to the Announced list: Cool Concoction and Dark Escape. They're not as brutal as Alpha Strike, but they're definitely fun, and Cool Concoction has an insane drum solo that should put Expert drummers on their toes. In addition, both of these tracks will be the first CTA songs to feature full keyboard support for RBN 2.0, and each track has keyboard and guitar solos! Go check them out, and buy them if you like them.

    Last but not least, in the wake of the news that we can now author double bass versions of our song, we are pleased to announce that our first two tracks to get the double bass treatment are Alpha Strike and Creatures ov Deception! Both tracks will hit the pipeline in their full double bass glory after the non-double bass versions pass Peer Review. We are also hoping to get double bass versions out for both Broken Equilibrium songs as well...I'll keep you updated on that one.

    We will not be releasing double bass versions for either Bittersweet Melancholy or Drum Exercises, which are our two current songs that feature double bass work. Drum Exercises is literally missing 4 or so kick notes, so it'd be a complete waste to re-release that for four lousy notes. Bittersweet Melancholy has a few more, but we didn't think there was enough there to warrant a second version. If people demand it, though, we may consider doing a double bass version for Bittersweet Melancholy.

    That's all the news we got for now, but expect a lot more from us in the near future!
  • mmetznermmetzner Opening Act
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    Creatures of Deception looks great fun, hopefully pick that one up this week! :)
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    A few small updates:

    -Epitome of Misery's song page is up now.
    -November passed Peer Review, so it is now in Quarantine. Expect it to hit the store soon!
    -Creatures ov Deception will be hitting Peer Review once a little technical issue is worked out, so it should be on its way soon. In addition, Alpha Strike is currently in Peer Review, so that may be our next released track.
    -Names of double bass versions of Creatures ov Deception and Alpha Strike have been edited to reflect the community's decision on naming double bass versions of songs. Those two will hit Peer Review once their standard counterparts hit the store. We expect them to pass with no trouble, and we are not liable for any snapped kick pedals or leg bones you may or may not encounter from playing these insane charts. :)
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Epic update time!

    Two new releases from Chart Toppers Authoring:

    Broken Equilibrium, "November" Full/Trial/Preview
    Shylo Elliott, "Alpha Strike" Full/Trial/Preview

    "November" is the second RBN track from Broken Equilibrium, and the closing track to their self-titled debut album. The songs switches from slow and melodic to hard and rocking so fast you won't be able to tell the difference! Both styles are mixed beautifully and the song is fun to play on everything.

    "Alpha Strike" is the opening track on Shylo Elliott's upcoming debut album "Proof of Concept," and is the sixth RBN song of his to be released. The challenge factor here compared to his other releases has been ramped up past 11. The guitar is relentless and has FIVE solos that range from "manageable" to "what the hell did I get myself into!?!" The drums will really test how coordinated you are with your hands and feet, and has at least one section in it that makes this song deserve its devil tiering. Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the bass part when you start playing it...we tiered it at 5 for a reason. We'll just say you'll know why when you see it.

    Proper difficulty tierings for both songs have been posted in the OP. In RB3, Alpha Strike's difficulties are misrepresented due to the tier structure change...treat every part as one tier higher than shown.

    In addition, we are proud to announce that "Creatures ov Deception" by Rainbowdragoneyes has passed Peer Review and is currently in quarantine! It should hit the RBN store in a few days. This is the FIRST chiptune song in all of Rock Band, and it will punish guitarists and drummers with its devil-tiered charts. Bass and vocals are also very fun on this one, so everybody wins!

    And of course, these three new releases feature Pro Drums! Note: The Rainbowdragoneyes song actually has NO toms in it, so no toms are authored. Everything is a cymbal hit. In addition, these three, along with Broken Equilibrium's previous release "Epitome of Misery," will be seeing double bass versions hit the pipeline in a couple weeks. As if they weren't tough enough already. :P

    That's all the announcements we have this time around. As neither new release has an page yet, the OP links to the full version on the marketplace. "Creatures ov Deception" links to a preview video, so go check that out and mentally prepare yourselves. The chiptune invasion has begun.

    EDIT: I spoke too soon. November's page is up. OP is updated.
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    This is Shylo Elliott speaking:

    I don't have the ability to make videos of my own songs. I really want videos of Alpha Strike's chart available. The first person to upload a video of themselves fully playing the Alpha Strike Expert chart on any instrument will get a free download of the song. (That is, there are 3 downloads available, one for bass video, one for guitar video, and one for drums video.)

    (You don't have to show yourself playing, but make a reasonable attempt at playing please. Videos may be in no-fail mode.)
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. The very first chiptune track has finally hit the Rock Band Network store.

    Rainbowdragoneyes - Creatures ov Deception Full/Trial/Preview

    This song deserves its devil tiering on both guitar and drums. The "guitar" chart features the body of the song, with tons of alt-strumming and HOPO work to keep your fingers moving at all times, as well as a blistering solo dividing the second verses. Drums will keep you on your toes at all times, and the verse drums are especially insane and not for the faint of heart. Bass provides the backbone of this track and only lets up a few times; constant movement in this chart. The vocalist gets to tell the tale of the creatures of deception and the hero who vanquishes them. It's a win all around.

    If these drums weren't insane enough, a 2x Bass Pedal version of the track is in the works and will hit the pipeline (and soon after, the store) in a couple weeks.

    Enjoy the madness.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Hey all,

    Rainbowdragoneyes - Creatures ov Deception is now in the Rock Band Network store for Xbox 360! Those of you who haven't bought this yet definitely need to check this out. It's the first chiptune track ever released on Rock Band, and it's fun on everything!
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    A few updates:

    -The 2x Bass Pedal version of Alpha Strike has been approved! It's the first double bass song to come from our studio, and while there's no gigantic walls of orange, you're gonna need a totally different approach to tackle this one on drums. Expect it to be available in the marketplace by Friday or Saturday, and in the next store update on Tuesday.
    -Both 2x Bass Pedal versions of the Broken Equilibrium songs are hitting Peer Review tonight to follow Alpha Strike.
    -We've prepped RBN1 versions of Cool Concoction and Dark Escape to have the legacy instruments playtested ahead of time, so we can ship them faster once RBN2 hits. If you're a Creator, go give them a test run. Preview videos of those will be RBN2 videos, so none are available yet; if you want to see the charts, you'll have to playtest them.
    -Working on getting the Creatures ov Deception 2x Bass Pedal version out. It's gonna be epic.

    Keep posted for more news. I hope everyone is enjoying our songs! Creatures ov Deception was featured in the latest HMX RBN Picks article, so go check that out! Lots of awesome songs mentioned there, and I wrote a recommendation this time around of an awesome song you should totally check out.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Hey all,

    A couple days back, the double bass version of Alpha Strike got approved! If you think you can handle a harder version of an already pretty insane drum track, go download it and try it out! We'd love to see videos of people attempting it. You can download the full version here, or you can try out the trial version here to see if you can handle it.

    Following it in the next store update will be Epitome of Misery's double bass version! We're trying to get November out the door soon as well so both songs will make the next store update. If you'd love to play double bass songs but the current offerings are way too hard for you, these songs are just what you're looking for! They're challenging, but not impossible. We have something for everyone!

    We're working on getting a video up of our double bass offerings. This includes the already approved Epitome of Misery and Alpha Strike, as well as the upcoming November and Creatures ov Deception, so you can see what you're getting into with our tracks.

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to us on YouTube for the latest in Chart Toppers Authoring's tracks! From all of us here, thank you all for buying our songs so far, and stay tuned, for there's many more to come! :)
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Happy New Year everybody!

    November (2x Bass Pedal) was approved on New Year's Eve, bringing our total approved double bass tracks to 3! The next will be Creatures ov Deception! (As if it wasn't difficult enough already...)

    Here is our last video of the year. This is a compilation of clips from all four of our double bass songs currently announced. Now you can see these tracks in action before you buy!

    Both Broken Equilibrium songs should hit the next store update, and Epitome of Misery is live right now! Grab the full version here, or try out the trial here!
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    Okay I am wondering I know you guys are working on Haste The Days song Dogs Like Vultures any chance this song will have vocal harmonies since this song is know for its Harmonies if you ask me.

    I know Rock Band Network 2.0 is not out yet so the 360 version may not getting Harmonies but can you at least add them to PS3 version since when its release I am going to guess that RBN 2.0 will be out.
  • jbrocker56jbrocker56 Rising Star
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    Okay I am wondering I know you guys are working on Haste The Days song Dogs Like Vultures any chance this song will have vocal harmonies since this song is know for its Harmonies if you ask me.

    I know Rock Band Network 2.0 is not out yet so the 360 version may not getting Harmonies but can you at least add them to PS3 version since when its release I am going to guess that RBN 2.0 will be out.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    jbrocker56;4247368 said:
    Okay I am wondering I know you guys are working on Haste The Days song Dogs Like Vultures any chance this song will have vocal harmonies since this song is know for its Harmonies if you ask me.

    I know Rock Band Network 2.0 is not out yet so the 360 version may not getting Harmonies but can you at least add them to PS3 version since when its release I am going to guess that RBN 2.0 will be out.

    You want to ask The Authority those questions. We're not working with Haste The Day, although we'd certainly love to.
  • k1lla513k1lla513 Unsigned
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    did you hear anything from chronic future, been a while since i heard from ya
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    k1lla513;4249937 said:
    did you hear anything from chronic future, been a while since i heard from ya
    I sent an email and I'm now playing the waiting game. That'll probably be the most I can say on the subject for the moment.

    All of you who follow Error420 know that Creatures ov Deception (2x Bass Pedal) has finally hit the marketplace! The standard drum track has already posed a challenge, but if for some strange reason that wasn't enough, try this one on for size! You can get the full version here, or the trial here.

    We're only getting started. The last few months have been awesome; we now have 13 tracks for sale on the Rock Band Network! Not too bad for a relatively new authoring group. 2011 will be big for us, and we will continue to bring more awesome music to RBN!
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    New updates!

    -We've announced AND released a new track by country artist Kylie D. Hart, "Firehouse Bar", to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. You can read about it and discuss here.
    -We took out the artist descriptions from the OP, but left the links. Reason being, we're working on a LOT of new songs and sitting on some announcements, and we wanted to make room on the OP to fit everything in.
    -Due to the imminent shutdown of the old blogging service we used to embed news onto our official site, we've migrated to a Wordpress blog. Our official site's "News" tab now links directly to the Wordpress page, and we'll be putting all of our news there now. We're also working on migrating the Spanish and French language news posts to that site as well. You can visit it here. The site is a work in progress, but it's nearly polished and ready for presentation.

    Expect more from us soon!
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    The last of our RBN1 songs are now available!

    -Kylie D. Hart's "Firehouse Bar" is now out! Proceeds will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It's a great tune with really fun charts that will have the whole band jumping, and the money goes to a good cause!
    -We've added a new artist to our roster, electronic musician Jacob Chaney, who brought Cluster #2 to RBN! It will have two formats; an RB2 version, so that players with RB2 can enjoy the song, and an RB3 version with Pro Keyboard functionality! The RB2 version is available now! It has a very fast guitar solo and a really sweet snare-driven drum solo, and Pro Drums enthusiasts will enjoy the hybrid hat-tom patterns this song has to offer.

    With that, we've released all our songs for RBN1. 15 songs isn't bad for a relatively new authoring company, eh? We're not stopping there...we're working on some really sweet RBN2 tracks. Shylo Elliott has 4 more songs to go to finish bringing his debut album to the RBN in its entirety, some old artists will have new tracks coming soon, and some new artists will be on the way too! I'll make more announcements as I'm able to make them.

    You can visit and follow our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages to stay up to date with Chart Toppers announcements.

    Keep on rockin'!
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    RBN2 pipeline is open, and we are back on track! Since the pipeline closed, we've been talking to a number of amazing artists and we've got a lot of songs in the works. Some are from artists you've seen in RBN already, and some are from entirely new artists!

    We'll be announcing them in due time, but we can make one announcement this morning. All the way from Melbourne, Australia, Kurodust is coming to the Rock Band Network with "Doll in the Dust!" This is the first RBN2 song we've finished, featuring harmonies! This song is unique when it comes to harmonies, as the backing vocals sing a variation of the main verses instead of the same melody, so it's like having two entirely different vocal charts! Check out the preview video here!

    Stay tuned for more announcements! If you want to stay up to date, you can always follow our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages!
  • DragoonXDDragoonXD Road Warrior
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    I could've sworn someone else was authoring "Doll in the Dust" a long time ago. I liked the song, but forgot about it. Nice to see it back. :)
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