Found These Pic's (Revolver, Anthology) from Early Version of TB:RB

CaptainKickerCaptainKicker Road Warrior
edited December 2010 in The Beatles: Rock Band
So i found these early pictures of the game, and noticed that the full album (ok, a few is missing and Love You To is spelled wrong), but here is Revolver in the game.


And also here is a picture of the Anthology, The 1 album and Love.


So, we all knew that it was choice for HMX between Revolver and Rubber Soul, but maybe they already made the Revolver songs, and put it on hold?

Anthology... i'm thinking Real Love and Free As A Bird.

And the 1 album is obviously Lady Madonna and Hey Jude.

I'm not saying its meaning anything, but at least it gives me a slight hope. I still belive that this game have a future and DLC will come soon.


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