RB3 Request a Feature, Bug Report and Suggestion Thread (no song requests)


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    I said this for RB2, and I say it again for RB3 ... It's a little thing, but there need to be "body types" in addition to just the height and weight. It shouldn't make that much of a difference (since clothes work with height/weight) but ... it's upsetting to my partner that he can't make a thin shaped man like himself. It's like every option has huge shoulders and chest for men. Women seem to have a bit more variety but even "little" guys look bulky.

    It's fine for ME but it's kind of irritating for someone without that build that wants to make a resemblance character (or even something aesthetically appealing if you like a body type that's not BULK UP TOP).

    Also, I have to agree on the whole toning down the fretboard thing ... The blue on bass is insane when it pops up. Way too bright. It seems shorter to me too, but that might be the color change.
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    Chimer0s;4124910 said:
    What happened to the ability to navigate through a list of songs with the drum pads? I'm playing on the 360 and I can't navigate with the drum pads anymore. I have to reach over and painstakingly click with the D-pad to move through a list. I have over 500 songs all together so that can be a real pain for me. Any chance of having this re-added? Not everyone plays the guitar/mic and can strum/use an analog stick.
    pres start-options-modifiers then turn on drum navigation
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    PowerGamer990;4126979 said:
    Umm... I can confirm that it does NOT occur for guitar... At least, not on mine. (I'm on 360, btw)

    Pardon me, then -- I must have been practicing Keys as well. My mistake.
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    Mahoro;4123013 said:
    - PS3
    - "Dead End Friends"

    This song doesn't count toward the 'Dave Grohl Band' career goal, but the other Them Crooked Vultures song does.
    Same happens with the Xbox 360. It is probably a database situation where someone forgot to include him in the band's roster (heck, he only started the darn band anyways :) )
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    My guess is the cut scene with the crate/box is giving people issues due to the location customization. In that cutscene, on the side of the box I noticed it shows your geographic location (ie: for me, it shows BUFFALO, NY) i'm assuming by looking at your IP address since I have no other identifying information (unless it snags it from your gamertag but I don't think I have my location listed there). I'm guessing that is where the issue comes into play for those with freezing/crashes. Whether its an unknown character, it can't determine, etc. I have no idea.
  • heylookitsdrewheylookitsdrew Unsigned
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    the only thing that bothers me or something i dont like about it is the very limited amount of space for tattoos. why cant it be like it was on RB1/2?
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    Requesting features ... Xbox 360 ...

    Suggestion/request #1:

    Ability to play online with all 4 instruments. I found several threads that seem to indicate the only way you can play Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys is locally. Really?! (rhetorical...) How did you sell me this game with that deficiency?

    Anyway, when we discovered that tonight, it was VERY disappointing. It makes the game feel broken and completely changes the dynamic through which we are able to play with friends online. Not to mention, it doesn't make any sense what-so-ever considering Keys is supposed to be a selling point.

    Suggestion #2:

    Sorting by "Common Songs Among Players". I can't believe we're into our 5th RB game with online play and this hasn't been added. It is VERY frustrating to have to scroll through hundreds of greyed-out songs just to get to the ones I have in common with people.

    Comment on previous issue: fretboard "transparency"

    I don't know what everyone is talking about. It was bad in Beatles, but I haven't had any issues playing any instrument at this point. I like the more solid fretboard and I like the blue tint on a 4x streak on guitar (that we only had on bass before). Polling the 5 other people I play with, there is absolutely no issue with seeing notes over here...
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    System - PS3 80 gig version (big one)
    Disc - Rockband 3

    Issue 1 -
    Cant calibrate using the calibration mode.
    Strummed the guitar with the audio drum hits but it wont calibrate
    tried it twice in a row
    never had an issue before

    Issue 2 -
    Why cant we sort/filter the songs by the RB Disc (such as RB1, 2 or 3 songs)?
    that would make it easier to see the new 83 songs separate instead of all of them together

    Issue 3 - Playing with others online in RB3 seems to either not result in any other players never had this issue in RB2) or it takes FOREVER to show others to play with
  • alexlifesonalexlifeson Opening Act
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    I agree
    gimme the ability to turn it off
    Starfleet_Rambo;4121437 said:
    Who the effin hell thought the string sound for navigating through the song list with guitar WAS NOT annoying as hell?!!!?

    I reckon I need to turn off background noise next time. Hope that effin takes care of it. :mad:

  • Se7en082Se7en082 Opening Act
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    I have an old 60 gig phatty PS3. Still can't preview RBN songs. And this one is the real killer, I can't save breakneck speed or awesomeness detection. I know awesomeness detection does nothing, but I just love faking my friends out about what it does. ;)

    I can't believe The Beatles saves breakneck speed, but this game doesn't. I have autosave on, as well. I actually turned it off, did an overwrite, and it still wouldn't save.
  • alexlifesonalexlifeson Opening Act
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    Agreed. The crowd singing along in the key parts of the song was what really set RB apart from GH. Bring it back!
  • Shift BreakerShift Breaker Opening Act
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    waldo15;4127778 said:
    Same happens with the Xbox 360. It is probably a database situation where someone forgot to include him in the band's roster (heck, he only started the darn band anyways :) )

    I'm pretty sure that achievement/trophy only counts towards DLC, and not setlist songs.
  • alexlifesonalexlifeson Opening Act
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    Platform = PS3 80gig (big fat one)
    Disc = RB3

    Issue - It seems when scrolling thru the list of songs available to play, that only some of the songs play a preview of the song. Many dont. Even after waiting a few seconds it doesnt play the song so you can hear it if its one you want to play or not

    Please verify and fix

  • PatchankaPatchanka Unsigned
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    Not sure if it's addressed, but I'd REALLY like an "automatic jump to next song" in playlists. I know, we are supposed to "be playing", but I'd love to make a setlist for vocals, turn the no-fail option on and then just leave the game running. and now, with the drop-in/drop-out option, it'd be exactly like the party play from GH, which is great.
  • nillacocajolanillacocajola Unsigned
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    chico76;4127917 said:
    Comment on previous issue: fretboard "transparency"

    I don't know what everyone is talking about. It was bad in Beatles, but I haven't had any issues playing any instrument at this point. I like the more solid fretboard and I like the blue tint on a 4x streak on guitar (that we only had on bass before). Polling the 5 other people I play with, there is absolutely no issue with seeing notes over here...
    Oddly enough, it's less noticeable in Band Quickplay -- this is because the fretboard still cuts off halfway up the screen, but the decreased width of the fretboard makes the transparency less visible/less of a burden. To get a better idea, play Roundabout on Expert Guitar with Breakneck Speed and wait for the "trippy" background to pop up during the breakdown. Seeing the notes is nearly impossible until they've reached the bottom of the board.

    More importantly, however, is the combination of the fretboard's transparency and length, as well as some aesthetic alterations. For a comparison:

    RB2/3 Comparison

    Note that the only reason you're seeing so few notes on the drummer's screen is due to Breakneck Speed. It's a combination of the previously mentioned length and transparency in addition to what seems to be a much brighter, flashier environment. While it may seem like a minor issue for band play, it causes a lot of difficulty in solo play (particularly when BNS is active).
  • yoyoman2k1yoyoman2k1 Unsigned
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    a feature i would like to see is being able to make the highway slowly disappear as you learn the song until your at the point were your in performance mode and can play the song by heart....i think it would push people into remembering the song and playing for real....without having to look at the screen....i think it would especially be handy in pro mode cause if they can learn the song and remember it then they can go play it without having to play the game....in a couple of years i think this would be the next step for rockband.
  • CHproductionsCHproductions Unsigned
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    Face paint not covering the whole face. Male has the forhead left blank. Female the chin is left blank. I know I was useing the vamp style face for the female but I cant rember what I use for the male face. So if you wanted KISS
    style face paint it looks goofy as I dont know what.
  • Starfleet_RamboStarfleet_Rambo Headliner
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    Yeah, where is Sort By Location?!

    I want my songs segregated dangit!!
  • bengalcp09bengalcp09 Opening Act
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    greyfus;4127672 said:
    Many before me have said: I'm just posting the previous comments regarding the fretboard transparency to illustrate that this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. While not technically a "bug", obviously, it was a grievous oversight on the part of the designers and play testers -- assuming there were any, I can't believe not a single one mentioned "we can't actually see the notes we're supposed to be playing" before the game shipped.

    The only possible explanation for the transparent fretboard is to allow the background animations to be seen, and I'm sure a lot of time and money and creativity went into creating the background animations (well, not as sure after reading through this entire thread of comments) but it's not why we play the game, and to sacrifice actual gameplay for the sake of aesthetics is simply vanity.

    The Beatles: Rock Band's note highway was pretty bad, but still semi-playable. Rock Band 3, however, is unplayable because of the fretboard transparency. Honestly, this is a game killer for me. As evidenced above, I'm not the only one this is affecting but maybe it is affecting me more severely than others as I can promise I'm done playing Rock Band 3 until this sees some sort of fix.

    Not only all of that, but the notes are faded at the top image so that's even less time you have to react on top of it all.
  • KafzielKafziel Unsigned
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    score duel mode for God's sake!

    please =D
  • ZayneAshZayneAsh Unsigned
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    System: Xbox 360
    Problem: Freezing/Crashing
    Mode: Quickplay
    Song: Any
    Instrument: Any

    The game has a tendency (roughly 90% of the time) of freezing whenever the loading screen between choosing the song and playing it happens to be the roadies hauling gear out of the back of the truck and setting up a stadium sized stage. As much as I like the larger venues, I keep praying I don't get them, so I can just play and not have to reboot my system.

    This problem has also shown up for me in Road Challenges, but only twice, whereas Quickplay it seems like a guarantee that if I see the roadies hauling gear out of the truck, I might as well start heading for my system to reset it.
  • CaptCalamityCaptCalamity Unsigned
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    Jiterbug;4122524 said:
    System Xbox 360:
    Mic problems

    People online hear me through my headset, not the official rock band mic, which means that every song I have to mute myself so that they don't hear my awful singing and the echoing effect that my singing produces. Is this a bug or a glitch or am I to believe that we can no longer talk through our rock band mics? Is this is the case why tell us to hold down the left trigger so that others can hear us?

    I have an issue on the 360 with this, also. I wear a headset while I use the Logitech wireless USB mic, and it's a pain for vocalists. I hope that someone can clarify this, but it's apparently because of the harmonies feature,and unfortunately the way the game is designed now; seemingly been that way on Beatles:RB and Green Day, too. Unfortunately, I don't think it's a problem to actually "fix", but a feature. Again, I hope someone will clarify this.

    I, too, am having the OD triggering problem with vocals, and I am using pitch correction. I will try today without it on, but I've seen others post that it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have noticed that I have more of a problem when playing online with friends, and it seems to happen rarely when I play solo. That's the only problem I've had so far.
  • nillacocajolanillacocajola Unsigned
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    Suggestion: "Locking" Harmony Parts

    Issue: This has been a present issue since harmonies were incorporated, but songs where there are harmonies on the same pitch in a different octave frequently make Full Combo'ing a Harmony part almost completely impossible. My particular issue at the moment is the Tegan and Sara track, where it jumps from Harmony 1 to Lead in between "nobody" and "likes." Is there any way to prevent this, or could there be a Modifier implemented to "lock" a mic to a particular Harmony part?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  • XBlade1XXBlade1X Unsigned
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    Platform: Xbox 360

    The game is great, but I am upset at the fact that there is even less audio customization in it than in the previous titles. I was hoping I could change volumes for each instrument to get the sound I want, but we cant do that anymore. But more Importantly I was hoping for an option to tun on/off each instrument track that I want to hear in practice mode, I'd like to be able to play songs on guitar and have the option to hear or not hear other instruments too, for example, switching off vocals but still being able to listen to the bass and drums while I practice guitar.
  • PowellmorePowellmore Unsigned
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    nicko68;4123922 said:
    Wii version has a 1000 song catalog limit. Can only have < 1000 DLC tracks on a single SDHC card, making 32GB cards useless. If you have more than this many DLC tracks spread across multiple SDHC cards, game rescans some songs when you switch cards. This can take some time. Here is a video:


    Trying to find official notice of this...
  • CrashBang69CrashBang69 Unsigned
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    Bring back Tug of War and Score Duel.
  • KBrizkitKBrizkit Unsigned
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    Im sure it is in here somewhere but the facepaint is kinda sad... it only goes half way up the forhead... I want an all over color on the background like in RB2. Plus like i have seen pointed out, it would be nice if when you selected your stand in members you could select what they would play because every song they switch around... not a realistic thing when it comes to a band
  • Furry4LifeFurry4Life Opening Act
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    1. THE ****ING FRET BOARD TRANSPARENCY! Jesus ****ing christ! People have been requesting this since the dawn of time, and you still haven't done it because you want your glitched out, seizure-inducing visuals to take priority. Well, the players don't. They haven't. They've been telling you they haven't. So why does it look like it's actually more see-through in Rock Band 3? Either just fix it, or make an option in the modifiers that can be selected. It's five seconds of programming. I will do it for you if you want. People will even pay for it. Seriously; I almost failed a song it's so bad in this game. Like, honestly, I think the last time I failed a song was a sight read of Constant Motion. Just completely ridiculous to not have done this by now.

    2. Glitched out graphics; the hat and the sunglasses keep fighting over priority and freaking out.

    3. Bring score duel back, and add tracking for it on Wii/PS3. Also make sure to fix the fret board scroll speed on it, as it was hellaciously slow in RB2.

    4. My PS3 has crashed twice since I got this game, on loading screenings. My PS3 crashed once, ever, in the entire span of Rock Band 2. Needs moar buffering.

    5. And, obviously, I'd really like to know what the scores I got on those songs I played are, without having to get online. And, even then, without having to click through each song. It's totally obnoxious.

    6. When I hide songs, I don't want people in online quick play to be able to select them. Or, I want an option to make this happen.

    7. And, finally, the trill... things... are just totally broken. All they do is ruin FC's. Obviously, I'd prefer to just get rid of them entirely, but since I'm sure you won't/can't do that, they need a patch ASAP.

    8. I want to put tattoos everywhere.

    But seriously Harmonix. #1.
  • IBKIBKIBKIBK Opening Act
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    If you play with somebody online, you can't see the characters, you see some awful background with smoke or fireworks. You can't make a band with people from differents consoles neither, you can't add them as members of your band, you can't see them while you are playing.
    The online experience is so negative, Rb2 is way better.
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