RB3 Request a Feature, Bug Report and Suggestion Thread (no song requests)


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    folkeye;4129120 said:
    That option us under 'customize band' then 'band history'. :)

    cool beans.
  • MaxRenn82MaxRenn82 Opening Act
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    Platform: Xbox 360

    Game locks up sometimes during the animation that plays while a song is loadings. It's on the one where the two guys are dragging a crate onto or off the stage... .its always the same spot, but thankfully not everytime. Has done it probably 2 or 3 times.
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    Furry4Life;4128767 said:
    Oh, another glitch as well (dunno if someone has already mentioned this, or if it's purposefully done). But on at least PS3, RBN tracks will not show as final tier, for any instrument, or for band difficulty. The final, two tiers both get dumped into "Nightmare", and the sorting will list all of the Nightmare songs, followed by all of the Impossible songs. For instance, right now my RBN final tier has some song that starts with a V (alphabetically last RBN track I have in Nightmare) and then goes to Attitude Song.
    It was done on purpose. RBN songs were given values that corresponded to the bottom of the desired tier in RB2. But, RB3 raised the threshold for Impossible so the Impossible RBN songs got dumped into Nightmare.
    Somtuk;4128786 said:
    I would love the ability to turn off all the cut-scenes. When a song is chosen to be played, I find it very frustrating to have to watch my character insert a key into a lock, and turn it.
    The cut-scenes replaced loading screens. Do you want to go back to the same old tips over and over?
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    I would also agree it can be a bit distracting that the notes and fretboard all seem so much brighter than in previous games. On really fast guitar solos I'm finding it more difficult than usual to "see" the notes. They seem to almost glow into each other, if that makes any sense. Maybe it'll get better with practice, but can't be good for the eyes. :p

    I mean it looks really cool but after playing for a bit it can begin to become an actual literal eyesore. hehe
  • jgomez80jgomez80 Unsigned
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    Suggestion: I think it would be fantastic if it would tell you what tuning the song is played in at the start of the song - this would really assist the learning experience that pro mode brings.

  • chico76chico76 Rising Star
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    Allow band lineups in online play to use any combination of the 5 parts. Or, if playing online, allow all 5 to be a "natural" band. Once you're playing on multiple consoles, you're no longer limited by any "number of controllers" issue. There's absolutely no good reason to lock out something such as G + B + K in the first place, but especially not when playing online...
  • BelperBelper Unsigned
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    OK, 2 things this time.
    Game froze on the "Roadie Crate Scene of Death" again, just like last night while attemping to play Hardest Button to Button on pro-drums.

    Secondly, I was drumming online in a multi-song setlist with a guitarist and bassist. One song finished and I achieved about 3 or 4 goals, which get displayed in those boxes in the centre of the screen. That's great I love the goals and getting fans BUT, the next song starts playing before they finish popping up. I could see the top portion of my chart but not what I'm actually playing as it crossed the line. Not really game breaking but an annoyance nonetheless.
    Actually the same message box in the way of the chart happens if someone drops out of online mid song as well.
    I like being informed of things, but seeing my chart while I'm playing is the most important thing on the screen.
  • lxShadow87xllxShadow87xl Unsigned
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    Career is glitched. The thing i love most. I made a character i was unsatisfied with and started the story with. I made a new one my signature character Bad Gaga. Im offline playing with my brother his profile is an offline one. Im not gaining a single fan or progressing any farther but he is. I tried again and had my nephew join in he gained everything. This is not cool. I love the game to death but career is a downfall. It has no options delete band, start over, make new band, etc. I dont like the fact that when i play quickplay or play now i gain fans and progress when im playing by myself. My brother misses out on the story career mode. Please help need more options. Please. 360 version.
  • Xyber DeathXyber Death Unsigned
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    When playing online with other people and one leaves, the fretboards slide in to their new place. That part I love. But the speed on the fretboard is now twice as fast than the regular speed. I like it because I want a faster breakneckspeed, but it's still a bug.
  • folkeyefolkeye Headliner
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    jgomez80;4129410 said:
    Suggestion: I think it would be fantastic if it would tell you what tuning the song is played in at the start of the song - this would really assist the learning experience that pro mode brings.


    Yes, this! Seeing a song title AFTER the song has started isn't very useful to the players. Maybe spectators if you have them.
  • MadDodMadDod Unsigned
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    I'd like to be able to switch instruments (with my profile following) without having to sign anyone out. My friends and I play "Round Robin Rock Band", where we rotate clockwise through the instruments (super-fun if you haven't tried it!), and I'd like to get my own achievements if I could.

  • mywhitenoisemywhitenoise Rising Star
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    Feature request for RB3
    Add a filter for “Review” songs. I would love to filter out those 1 star reviewed songs.

    Add a save function for sorting. It’s annoying have to switch to “show by artist” every time I select quickplay.

    Fix the guitar highway, so that it’s blue during solos (as in the previous games). This is probably the worst design choice ever. If HMX is intent on giving a highway color for streaks, make it purple.

    Bring back the old hairstyles, faces and characters from RB2, and customizations. For example, on RB2 I used “Perfect Distress” for my legs, with a yellow belt...yellows not even an option for those pants this time around.

    Add audience sing-a-longs to the RB3 songs. Add an option to remove it for those who don't like it.

    Allow for 5 stand-ins. The keyboardist and bassist should share the stage together.

    Fix the character models. If I want a lean character, he should look lean...not like Fabio (huge pecks, and tiny everything else). Not like a badly stuffed scarecrow.

    Fix the vocal overdrive issue.

    Fix the animations, sometimes movement is extremely fast paced, sometimes the microphone dances.

    Feature requests for RB4
    Bring back World Tour, and keep the Challenges separate.

    Bring back staff, crew, and currency.

    Bring back the competitive modes for online.

    Bring back multiple bands, and the ability to have online bands.

    Bring back “attitudes” and “home towns”

    Add guitar straps.
  • TyegasmTyegasm Unsigned
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    For the PS3 version, sometimes when I play "Whip It", specifically on pro keys (I don't remember the difficulty) there's a part of the song where a loud, obnoxious and distorted sound interrupts for a second. This has happened a few times. I'm hoping this will will be fixed.

    Also, for a 'little feature', I think that being able to choose your drum stick brand (Pro-Mark, Vic Firth, Vader, Ahead, Etc.) and/or color would be pretty neat, it would definitely add to the realism and customization. (We need more of that) :D

  • mmackinmmackin Unsigned
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    phil_cote;4122725 said:

    I noticed that the crowd does not sing along tunes anymore, which is REALLY a shame, especially when playing in surround sound.

    Why is that an omission this time around ? The extra work needed to add that might have been a trouble but boy it does add to the fun! My friends and I sometimes even all sang along with the crowd even though no one used the microphone.

    Please, please, bring it back! If not possible, bring it back partly or progressively.


    This isn't true, the crowd singing is based on the song & venue, I've noticed that it's still there in older songs RB / DLC. There may be a technical reason why they didn't put them in the new ones.
  • deebottedeebotte Unsigned
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    MaxRenn82;4129354 said:
    Platform: Xbox 360

    Game locks up sometimes during the animation that plays while a song is loadings. It's on the one where the two guys are dragging a crate onto or off the stage... .its always the same spot, but thankfully not everytime. Has done it probably 2 or 3 times.

    My Xbox has only locked up twice and both times it was with the two guys rolling a box down/up a ramp. As I've only seen that animation twice, it is 100% lockup for me.
  • McWhiskersMcWhiskers Unsigned
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    A couple Wii Bugs...

    - When playing single player, any instrument, any song - if it goes to "music video" mode, my band disappears completely and all I'm left watching is the background. Surprisingly boring.

    - Playing "Werewolves of London" on guitar - the sound of the guitar track was actually a couple beats behind the sound of the rest of the tracks. Very confusing. The gems didn't match up with the sound at all (NOT a calibration issue - the guitar track was literally out of place). I paused the game and when I went back it was synched up again. Not a problem for the rest of the song...but I don't want to have to do that every time.

    - It always asks me if I want to save add-ons to the SD card when I start the game. Shouldn't that be a one-time yes or no question and the game saves my answer?

    - An odd quirk of the music store - when you load it up for the first time all the song difficulty levels are there. But if you download a song, when you go back to the list of songs, all the difficulty levels are gone. It says that every song on every instrument available is level zero.

    Unfortunately these are issues that don't deserve a recall (seeing Wii doesn't allow for patches), but has anyone else had these problems? Or did I get a faulty disc? The missing characters during the music video scenes really bum me out.
  • mmackinmmackin Unsigned
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    Furry4Life;4128637 said:

    6. When I hide songs, I don't want people in online quick play to be able to select them. Or, I want an option to make this happen.
    That won't ever happen, the reason why someone can select a hidden song, is because they have the song, and so do you. That would allow anyone to take control of what songs can and can't be played. Plus it's just a big nightmare of tracking that information... It won't ever happen for online... but it would be a nice feature, there's just too much room for abuse...
  • reddragon1991reddragon1991 Opening Act
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    Ok where do we begin

    Road Challenges: If you have a setlist you can design yourself, but with a restriction (for example: 70s only) you can just go to the sorting menu and change the restriction. Kinda pointless

    Options: Why doesn't the game save my options? I have to turn on BS everytime I start playing, which is really annoying.

    Vocals: Why are there no tamburin parts, when you play with harmonies?

    Online: Here are the biggest problems. Why do I still have to go through all my 700+ just to realize, that me and the other players only have Metallica and A7x in common? Is it so hard to only show the songs, that everybody has? And what's up with the new song selection? Having everbody contributing to one list isn't such a bad idea, but the fact that you can add more than one song is bad. The fewest number of songs I had online so far were 3 songs, which is okay, but having setlist that are 9 songs long are just ridiculus.
  • darknight587darknight587 Opening Act
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    Feature for any system:
    You have different breakneck speed settings for different instruments now and that is amazing in itself. But there still needs to be different video latency settings for different instruments. My wired drum kit is -20 ms compared to my wireless guitars. Makes mixing instruments impossible to get 100% on songs, when played locally.

    Feature needing changed:
    The new highway path is too hard to pre-read, especially on breakneck speed. The way the notes phase in and are only completely visible once about half way down the highway makes it hard to process the notes.

    Also a variable speed control for breakneck speed would be nice. With my preferences, without breakneck speed is so unbearably slow that the notes just look like clumps, with breakneck on the notes move so fast I end up missing just as many notes as I would with it turned off.
  • MetfanantMetfanant Unsigned
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    Multiple PSN log ins on the PS3...needs to happen
  • BlinKnDasHBlinKnDasH Unsigned
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    Fix the leaderboards already!
  • Pearl WhitePearl White Rising Star
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    Would like to see unlocked clothes be removed and go back to the money system to aquire customisation goods so as folks are not excluded from having them if they dont own pro hardware, and also those whom are not as skilled/good at the game to get gold stars on expert. Clothes should be like was in RB2, and accessable to all chars across the profile as soon as it is purchased.

    Thet are for customising your chars and to do taht they should not be locked away !
  • folkeyefolkeye Headliner
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    Pearl White;4130424 said:
    Would like to see unlocked clothes be removed and go back to the money system to aquire customisation goods so as folks are not excluded from having them if they dont own pro hardware, and also those whom are not as skilled/good at the game to get gold stars on expert. Clothes should be like was in RB2, and accessable to all chars across the profile as soon as it is purchased.

    Thet are for customising your chars and to do taht they should not be locked away !
    The money and fan system of before were nicer. You got rewards for a much longer period of time. The Challenges are feeling very short lived.
  • rrwoodsrrwoods Opening Act
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    Oh hey it's a feature sticky!

    I love the new filtering system. But I'm kind of confused as to why the sort and filter options aren't exactly as expansive as one another.

    That probably sounds weird, so I'll just give an example: Why can't I filter by play count (preferably on my current instrument)? Why can't I sort by genre? You have a ton of data about all these songs; seems like being able to filter by anything at all as well as sort by anything at all should be easy from a development perspective?

    Keep up the good work, loving the new game... pro keys is kicking my ass on medium :P
  • janglesmomjanglesmom Unsigned
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    I would love to have a way to save favorite outfits for quick access when I want to change my character's clothes. Even having some sort of "my favorites" option to save favorite pieces without having to scroll through everything would be OK. There's so much clothing to choose from, I can see it becoming really time-consuming to find anything once I have stuff unlocked. All in all, I love the new game!
  • zerofanzerofan Road Warrior
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    Stage kit compatibility!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

    I am sure this will never happen but I am asking anyway!
  • Starfleet_RamboStarfleet_Rambo Headliner
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    Patch in a volume slider for drum fills, with the highest setting being the RB1 drum fill volume.
  • tabatadrummertabatadrummer Unsigned
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    50% and 60% speeds were removed from RB3 practice mode, as far as I can tell (unless they are going to be unlocked by achievements or something silly).

    This makes it harder for some of us to practice very difficult sections. There are sections in very fast, tricky songs that are barely playable (for me) at 50% on a first pass. I would say I'm an above average expert drummer (in RB2, ranked around 800 on my console -- not great, not terrible).

    I'm not holding my breath, but if Harmonix could fix this or at least restore it for RB4, that would be awesome.

    Wouldn't it have been awesome if, instead of removing 50% and 60%, Harmonix would have added a feature that let us control the tempo in 1% or even 5% increments? (What kind of metronome takes 10% jumps?! Imagine practicing at 160, 180, and then 200 BPM -- those jumps are far too big.)

    Or, what if they allowed us to practice a custom number of measures -- say, just the last 2 measures before the end of the section, which is really the only hard part, so you don't have to play another 60 measures of the same mindless rock beat before you can practice that insane roll at 70% speed?

    Or allowed us to set the tempo at HIGHER than 100%, so that going back down to 100% would feel easy?

    Removing features is almost never a good idea. Giving the user more choices is sometimes a good idea.

    I'm not sure if these features were removed because of technical limitations (seems unlikely) or to "improve" the user's experience. If it's the latter, I think that's a poor choice.

    One more reason to keep 50% in there is to allow us to calibrate manually! I'll post this in the BNS complaint thread, too, but not having BNS + not having 50% speed on practice makes it much harder to calibrate audio/video lag manually. Harmonix posted such a helpful "how to calibrate" thread a long time ago, and the procedure involved using 50% speed in practice mode. It was even better with BNS.

    I calibrated using the in-game feature and it is doing ok, but I would like a bit finer control over the calibration process. I do realize that many casual gamers will not take the trouble to do this, but still....

    Finally, I've put in a few solid hours on RB3 so far and am loving a lot of the new features. Pro mode is making the game a lot more fun for me than it has been in months! Thank you!

    • awesome game, thanks!
    • Please re-implement 50% and 60% in practice mode. With this plus BNS, it will help us calibrate our setup better. Plus practice better in general.
    Feature requests:
    • add 1% increments to the metronome in practice mode.
    • Allow metronome speeds of greater than 100%.
    • Allow smaller chunks to be practiced so that we can drill the same 2 measures over and over if we want to.
    I somehow missed this sticky staring at the forums for the last hour so I started another thread on this, but reposted in this thread.
  • FleshwoundFleshwound Rising Star
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    When ever I play Heart of glass and 3/4 of the way through the song it sounds like a big fart. Like something got unplugged during the recording. I'm on a PS3 system. I thought it was maybe me and tried it again. It happens everytime.
  • ZeroWilZeroWil Unsigned
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    System: 360
    Song: The Main Drag - Taking Apart a Giant Machine [demo]

    So, when I went to fully purchase the song after the demo finished and instead of giving me this song, it had me purchase "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" by Parry Gripp instead. So yeah...uh, fix?
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