RB3 Request a Feature, Bug Report and Suggestion Thread (no song requests)


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    BigBoss93;4126875 said:
    I have only one complaint and it isn't really a big one, but a feature that shouldn't have changed. When I unlocked the ability to make tattoos, I was thrilled. I always loved making fantasy tattooed sleeves for me and my friends. Not to brag but they looked pretty damn realistic. When I was creating them on rb3 however, I saw a problem. A huge chunk around the elbow was un-editable. I got so mad. I was unable to make a sleeve for my characters, the most important and most noticeable feature on my characters. This blank space makes it impossible to finish creating a sleeve. I don't know if this is something you guys can correct but if it's possible through a patch or something, please fix this. I don't care if pre-made sleeves are created and added into the art section (although custom sleeves would look better), as long as me and the many others who make sleeves can restore our rockers to their former glory, that's all that matters. Thank you for even taking the time to read this, the game is above expectations in every other way.

    I had a problem with this at first, as well, then I discovered how it works. After you create the artwork and apply it, you can scale and move it on the character once the artwork is complete. What I've been doing to make sure the artwork/tattoo looks the way I want it to is I designated the first artwork slot to a solid color box, and then apply it, back out and scale/move it to the location I want to alter, then I go to the "change artwork" option and start with a blank canvas from there. It was a bit confusing and irritating at first until I realized that you can actually do more this way than you could previously. You can pretty much tattoo your character's entire body now by doing this, making them look like Travis Barker.

    I hope this helps out and sorry if this has actually already been discussed/addressed, but I found this back on page 21 after an hour of reading this board and had no real desire to read through another 27 pages to make sure. :)
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    oedipax;4136596 said:
    Menu navigation on drums is glitchy for me. I'm using the Ion Drum Rocker and sometimes yellow/blue hits on the pads open up the song info panel rather than move up/down. You can avoid it by using the directional pad on the brain, but that's a real hassle when you just want to grab the sticks and head into a song. Anyone else having this problem on Ions or standard kits? PS3, by the way.

    I am having this problem as well, with the PS3 ION Rocker. I've just switched to using the D-pad instead, no huge deal, but it would be better if it worked correctly. Btw, if you find that some songs are rated 1 or 2 stars when you haven't rated them yet, I think the blue pad is doing that. Yellow pad occasionally acts like triangle, blue pad occasionally acts like square.

    Anyway, I have a launch model 80gb ps3, and I have encountered the following issues, similar to many others:

    - Game freezing on the "roadies unloading crates" loading screen.
    - Microphone, bass, Mothership Q's afro, all occasionally pulsate to the beat of the song. Has happened in looooots of songs. Probably all, but I'm not always paying attention to the background.
    - Strange very loud noise randomly happening. Only happened ti me once so far, while playing solo keys, I don't remember what song.
    - My PS3 was reset to the XMB right when the loading screen ended when I tried to play Bohemian Rhapsody. I turned the game back on and tried it again and it worked just fine.
    - All RBN songs have ALL Y/B/G hits, whether they should be pads or cymbals, mapped to cymbals. Very noticeable when playing Remedy by Seether specifically, because almost the whole thing should be on pads.
    - This has actually been a problem since Rock Band 2, but I have always had a hard time connecting to the music store. It often just randomly disconnects and says "Cannot connect to the Rock Central Server at this time", even though I was already in the music store browsing songs. Of course, sometimes it doesn't even make it into the store. I would think it was my internet connection, but this has happened everywhere I have ever tried to get to the music store from, my parents' house, my college dorm, and most recently in my apartment.
    - Is this supposed to be like this? It doesn't show my rank on the leaderboards when I finish a song unless I specifically turn on "Play online" through the overshell. This is annoying, I should be connected automatically.

    - I do have to say, I have had absolutely no problems with the new fretboard. I really like it. But, then again, I don't like metal, and it seems like most of the people complaining of fretboard issues are having issues with strobes during metal songs.
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    Xbox 360 - Pro - 120 GB HDD
    Guitar hammer ons not working at all.

    The hammer ons are impossible. I have no clue what the problem is, but I've tried calibrating for lag, even though I don't have an HD TV, nothing, I've tried with both a wired x-plorer controller from GH2 and a wireless controller from GH 5. Before you say, "they were easier in GH, you know," I have only played RB2 for ages, cannot remember the last time I touched a GH game. The latter controller was bought just now and specifically for this. Also, do not say "you just suck" because I could play every song except "Constant Motion" of the 450+ songs I had on RB2, and now I can;t play ****. The guitar is unusable, and this is unacceptable.
  • BankaiBankai Banned
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    things to fix
    bring back the old fauxhawk.
    more hairstyles with 2 color options (idk why u took this out for some hairstyles but put it back)
    weird instrument/hair twitching glitch. u can see the microphone and guitar twitching up and down during animations sometimes. same for hair...
    more than 4 players playing at once online and no i don't mean through harmonies we want guitar bass AND keys at the same time. 7 player full band ftw
    get the licenses for the songs that were left out in rb3 PLEASE. i know its not easy but i trust u are trying ur hardest. it's ****ing bull**** that ACTIVISION isn't letting me play something THAT I ALREADY PAID FOR...(the soundgarden and rhcp songs from rb1 and 2) and get journey too :(
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    System: PS3 in Quickplay mode.

    Experiencing numerous bugs. We had the game completely lock down and kick us back to the PS3 menu in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody. We have had several instances of audio feedback "beeps" over the speakers in my audio system during Blue Monday. UPDATE - I notice in a previous post someone mentioning a similar problem to this when playing keyboard. We were playing with keyboard as well. Likely the same issue as PieterMC above. Intermittent problems with the mic losing sensitivity and not registering, requiring a restart of the song during multiple songs. Over-sensitivity of mic routinely picking up background noise and resulting in missed vocal notes and jumping arrow.
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    ajcarpen;4135377 said:
    No complaint just a request. I'm not sure if it has been suggested but, I would like to play in pro mode guitar or bass without the instrument. I have real guitars and I wanted to use the game as a "Learn the Song" type of tool.
    Couldn't you just turn on no fail and try playing along???
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    Ruz-El;4135782 said:
    I exported on the PS3 on oct 24th. Is it down again?
    Yep: http://www.rockband.com/ps3-export
    Basically a "Come back on Monday" message.
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    Ok, just to make sure I hadn't just started sucking in the time I hadn't been playing, I went back and played Iron Maiden (Live) in RB 2. 5 Stars on expert. I'm not trying to brag, I know no one cares, I just want to make the point that I'm not struggling to pass. I failed the same song within a few seconds on RB3 because the guitar is unresponsive as all hell. What the ****, Harmonix?
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    You need to make individual song picks for online play again.. It is unbelievably annoying when people pick 200 songs before they start and anyone can just add random songs. This is very unorganized. It also creates problems when a guitarist is trying to take turns with the bassist between each song; vise versa.

    You guys really need to bring back the old leaderboard for individual songs, too. The new setup for highscores is terrible for people who play competitively and want to see where they stand in terms of points and rank on a single song. The percentage for total guitar points is very unappealing.

    Lastly, in character customization, fix the artwork on the guitars so that you can put the art anywhere, not just underneath the pick-ups. This is very annoying because I can't use my old design from RB2.
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    My leaderboards are screwy because i was playing the day the game came out and the leaderboards weren't working, so now I'm with the 140mill fans people when i have 222 mill. This sucks because of the new system. it means that there's a 82million fans i will never be able to get onto the leaderboard. is there any way for you guys to patch this?

    Also, I maxed out the points for a few songs and, of course, the leaderboards weren't working even though it said i was connected to rock band central. Now, when i try Thank You Boys and get 7,000 on it on vocals, the game thinks I didn't beat my score, so it just doesn't bother to upload it to the leaderboard. This is really annoying. I don't see why you guys couldn't have made it like rb2 where it saves data of your scores for the leaderboards for up to two weeks. That was one of the greatest features of RB2
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    The option to turn off orange notes on medium. I refuse to play RB3 until I have this option. I do not wish to play on harder difficulties. I am very unhappy with being unwillingly forced to play with even one orange note in a song. Very disappointed in this choice that has been made. Don't tell me anything like "hurrr push yourself to get bettur" No. I do not want to get better. This is a video game. I do not want to play for realism, if I did I would learn to play a REAL GUITAR. Farewell RB3 have fun collecting dust.
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    If you ever plan to change around the way Online Quickplay is, please take a look at my suggestion in the thread linked below:


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    Here's a couple of graphical glitches I noticed that I don't think anyone else has mentioned: There's a clipping issue with the "Perspiration & Pyramids" wrist accessory. On the right on the upper part of the band clips through the character's arm. It's most noticeable during one of the side shots from the right of a keyboarder during a performance.

    There's also a clipping issue that I found while playing in the "Gasolina" venue. I'm not sure if it occurs anywhere else (though I'd imagine it would). During a performance the lead singer will walk towards the bass player and then hit his/her knees to belt out a note, when he/she does this, the character's head and upper body experience MAJOR clipping issues with both the bass players abdomen/torso and guitar. I saw this several time while trying to do one of the Green Day challenges.

    I'm on a PS3 slim, 250 gb. I was playing keyboards when I noticed the first and vocals when I noticed the latter.

    Obviously, neither of those are major issues, but thought I'd bring them to the attention of someone. I've been also (like most people, apparently) having issues with deploying overdrive with the vocals and what's been described, in some places, as "The Star Wars Sound" glitch while playing keyboard. Those are issues I'd MUCH rather see addressed in an as expedient manner as is possible.

    Thanks to Harmonix for making an otherwise enjoyable game, and I look forward to seeing these issues addressed in some manner in the (hopefully, near) future. :)
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    Small list of features that would improve my enjoyment of this game

    -Would like if possible a way to select venues as cant seem to see that option

    -Would like a way for thegame to remember what my customised instrumenst look like when i change instruments on characters , i liked RB2 where in wardrobe each chara had their own instrument with thier own artwork. In RB3 i have to recreate the instrument each time , all the clours and looks and things.

    -Ideally would love to have stand ins return to assigned instruments as well

    -Would like option to have the old solos back, the blue background was a clear indication of the solo for that particular instrument, 2 thin blue lines dont do it for me.

    -Would like option to have the world tour reinstated the RB3 challenges are not as immersive and dont feel like im traveling the world, maybe it was the spinning globe effect.

    -Also like the ahmmer ons and pulloffs to be like RB2 more easier to spot

    -Would like drummers to be aninmated like they where in RB2

    -Also wold like the forums to be changed to a readable, non squashed up feel, as well as new posts and threads being more idnetifiable and posting, editing to become easier.

    RB3 has so many things that are imo are not as well presented to us the players as RB2 was, RB2 imo is the better of the two games as it stands
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    ok question, I just finished the Endless Set List on expert and there are no icons?? whats up with that?
  • Fro-MannFro-Mann Unsigned
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    • Stick with Rock Band 2's online play where its 1 song from each person. Maybe put them into a setlist to save time? I was playing earlier and it was just complicated and I ended up having a 10 song set list. Maybe it was my fault for user error? I don't know.
    • Drummers animations are bad. I do not know if ya'll can patch this or not, but the Rock band 2 drummer was just awesome compared to the new one.
    • Not require certain instruments or clothing to be unlocked by playing a pro instrument. Just stick with the regular challenges. I don't mind this too much, but some of the community hates the idea of having to unlock an item by having to buy a 100-300 dollar controller.
    • One thing I would REALLY love to have come back is the crowd singing, that was just an awesome feature and is one of the major reasons I loved Rock band.
    • Update older songs with Pro charts.
    • EDIT: Another one I forgot to mention is to have other PS3 profiles log-in on one game session. Is there a restriction for 3rd party developers to use this or what?
    So far however Harmonix I love the new game, its really nice to have my entire band be the big main part of the game and be able to use them in Quick play. Thanks for the game and keep up the good and hard work!
  • Spc_WomackSpc_Womack Unsigned
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    ok question, I just finished the Endless Set List on expert and there are no icons?? whats up with that?
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    PS3 console needs multiple profile support. Biggest flaw in the system, and one that will likely cause me endless grief at parties.

    Having the ability to select a venue would be nice.

    The game crashed my system (required a manual power off, was unresponsive) once in the song selection screen while changing filters. I was unable to replicate the issue though. I had the game quit on me (kick me back to the PS3 menu) after a song once (I hit continue, screen went black, and menu started up).

    Graphical glitches where items (particularly the vocalist's mic or part of someone's hair) jump around on the screen. Both moved about the same distance (about 2-5% of the screen over), and would jump back and forth between those distances. Very distracting, as it made Moosejaw look like he was doing something naughty with the mic ;). It resolves itself when the scene changes. Similar The_Spleen's "Rhythm Mic" glitch, but I also got it with hair on one of the characters on the main menu while they were walking down the street.

    Had an odd sound durring Combat Baby playing Med Pro Keys. Sounded like a mic hit an amp or something, and the song skipped a second durring it. I had thought it might ahve been part of the song, but it wasn't there when I replayed it. It was loud enough that I was afraid it might have damaged my speakers (it didn't), several times louder than the game should have been. Hoping this was a one time glitch, as are my ears.
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    As noted previously:

    Xbox 360
    Proud Mary

    Locks game. Song works if harmonies are not selected.
  • T-RavT-Rav Opening Act
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    One thing I was excited about was having a whole group of people, 5-7, being able to play together. So I commend Harmonix on these new additions to the game, especially the keyboard.
    However, there are always improvements to be made, and I have just one suggestion.

    The ability for the keyboard to play Guitar/Bass parts of a song when both roles are filled.
    I hate to leave people out of DLC or even some on-disc RB3 songs just because there are no keys and there are already two guitar peripherals taken up. Even multiple mics are able to be used on solo-vocal songs.
    Even if there are certain parts to where the guitar/bass switch parts of the song back and forth (like in the tug-of-war mode in PvP)
    I'm not really looking for this to be integrated into Road Challenges, mostly just for quickplay and all-instruments mode. After all, it is supposed to be referred to as "party mode", right? What better way to make a party than to not leave anyone feeling left out because of a minor necessity?
  • MasulsaMasulsa Unsigned
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    The_Spleen;4120367 said:
    Since the new site went live it's been having a hard time letting people change profile info. It told me about 25 times that my login info was incorrect (when it wasn't), then it randomly worked and let me edit things.

    Keep trying and eventually you will get through. There's a lot of stress on their servers now I'd imagine.
    Is it just me, or is it impossible to enter in the two words for verification to create a new user or try to retrieve passord?
  • UrJudgeUrJudge Unsigned
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    Xbox 360
    Problem. Ok I downloaded track pack vol 2 right? All the songs work except afterlife. Rb3 tells me to update the game when I already did so. Please fix this. Also some of my Dlc isn't showing up I.E rock your socks. Thx hmx
  • AlgonahAlgonah Opening Act
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    Xbox 360

    We really need our RB2 presets back. The RB3 creator is good, really deep but is now where near close to all our beloved RB2 characters. Please HMX, bring back our RB2 characters by DLC, patch or something. thanx!!!
  • ZeeJayZeeJay Unsigned
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    Feature Request:
    It's minor, as I normally just end up mentally jumping screens and filtering in my head, but would be nice if along with the other song filters there was an option for "Vocal Gender" - Maybe with options of "Any, Male, Female'.

    I know people say you can just sing in a higher or lower range that the lead singer, but especially when it's for a song you've never tried before you end up taking your queue from what you hear. This means that a supposedly "medium" difficulty song ends up feeling more like a "nightmare" to master.

    I know we didn't have filters in RB2, so I make do like I did then, but if you ever add new filters... please add this one to the list of additions.
  • scharlauscharlau Unsigned
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    Yeah the notice someone left is terrible.
  • NativeMilkNativeMilk Unsigned
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    Feature suggestion - option to edit a character's height/weight/muscle tone as often as you like once it's been created.
  • DJPookaDJPooka Rising Star
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    I'm not sure if this has been highlighted yet, but using and moving layers on the art maker doesn't quite seem to work as expected.

    Xbox 360 band logo creation

    I created my logo, added a few elements on top and decided I wanted to move them behind everything else, and when I moved them to the back... nothing happened - same with recolouring them once, didn't seem to work...
  • MasemMasem Opening Act
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    Feature request: The ability to optionally play Quickplay songs/setlist with Streakers. The Streakers idea is fun, but because of how the Road Challenges are done, one cannot assure they will encounter a continue to use any song with any type of Streaker. Thus, when prepping Quickplay, an option to enable Streaks with the ability to select a specific one or letting it be random would be a first step.

    This would first need some way to incorporate the success of the streak (whatever mode it is in) into the scoring metric. Whether this is a score boost for each spade made, or, a boost of the band multiplier for each spade earned (eg up to 6x, with the total band getting to 14x when all 4 players hit OD), or some other means, but its necessary. As such, one would need separate leaderboards & tracking for Streak-enabled QP (which may make this prohibitive). Then one could argue there would need to be one for each type of Streaker mode (eg spotlight, keep OD going, etc.).
    Tracking spade earned for each song with each type of streak just as one would track scores would also be helpful
  • Joseph P. DogJoseph P. Dog Unsigned
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    I'm in the instrument select now and am noticing that the "add art" selection only appears after I've chosen to 1st customize the color of the guitar (which is pointless seeing as how the colors revert to default when you re-enter the chosen instrument selection). I don't believe this was the case last time I tried to add artwork to the instruments. PS3 User.

    Edited to add: Adding artwork to an instrument causes the next 4 or 5 instruments in line to also be altered with the chosen artwork.
  • nafnaf Unsigned
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    A couple requests:

    I am on PS3, but assume its the same across the board

    1) Option to Shuffle/Random Play setlists. Particularly local user created ones.

    2) Filter option of 'review' (0,1,2,3,4,5) to tracks viewed in quickplay. This would allow a custom sorting and an alternative to 1) above...if this is easier to implement.

    3) Option to edit setlists once created (local)

    As it stands right now, I can not find a way to build setlists or groups of songs for different sessions. For example, there are certain songs that are a) more appropriate for my little ones b) ones I like c) good for parties with friends, etc. The way setlists are now, we have to play them in the same order which doesn't do us much good.

    Thank you
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