RB3 Request a Feature, Bug Report and Suggestion Thread (no song requests)


  • jaosmingjaosming Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Quick Play Pro Keys Hard Difficulty
    Freeze when loading to play Riders on the Storm
  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
    edited October 2010
    This isn't exactly a bug with the game, but I figured this would be the best place. Forgive me if this has been pointed out already

    On the box for the XBox 360 keyboard bundle, there is a blurb that says a key can be purchased to play the songs in Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Is that a typo, or can the RB3 songs really be exported into earlier games?
  • RobbySuaveRobbySuave Rising Star
    edited October 2010
    Xbox 360
    Online quickplay
    I was playing guitar and someone else online was playing bass. The bassist quits halfway though. The bassist's chart leaves the screen, mine becomes twice the size, and there's a big notice on the screen, obscuring my view, saying the bassist left. I'm left unable to see for 5-10 seconds.

    Microphone volume is low, even when the setting is up all the way.

    Fonts in design creator aren't able to be reduced in size as much as they could in Rock Band 2. Also, more shapes would be appreciated. It would also be nice to group layers, like you can in the editor in the Forza games.
  • JiterbugJiterbug Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    System Xbox 360:
    Mic problems

    People online hear me through my headset, not the official rock band mic, which means that every song I have to mute myself so that they don't hear my awful singing and the echoing effect that my singing produces. Is this a bug or a glitch or am I to believe that we can no longer talk through our rock band mics? Is this is the case why tell us to hold down the left trigger so that others can hear us?
  • MimglowMimglow Opening Act
    edited October 2010
    Xbox 360
    Shure SM58 with Lightsnake Cable

    Vocal overdrive does NOT activate, no matter what we tried.

    I'm relieved to see some people with regular RB mics are also having this issue. I thought I might have just spent a fortune on a good mic only to have it not work in RB3.

    Will a fix be forthcoming for this issue?
  • Jrod2588Jrod2588 Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Playstation 3

    Training mode does not work, every time I go in to practice a song it always shows me a black screen and the game freezes.
  • folkeyefolkeye Headliner
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    SiriusLestrange;4122133 said:
    PS3 Slim
    Road Challenges
    Just about any song where the singer keeps his mic on the stand.

    The animations with the microphone on the stand jumping around is jarring along with the spazzing bass every now and then. How the heck did they miss the Mic though? It happens just about any song that's mostly mic stand based and happens multiple times. It's really silly.

    Agreed in full. It is very distracting to watch that constant spazzing mic. I don't mind some animation hiccups but that one just jumped out big time. It's the animated version of the 'shaky arrow' HA! :p Is there a way to smooth this out?

    Can you lube the drummer? They're very, very mechanical and stiff compared to the RB2 Drummer. I don't know if your running off the same framerate, or previous build but they need a massage :)

    Mic sensitivity is a MUST
    , you have to sing much louder (for late night apartment living this is not good), really hoot for overdrive, and be loud for the talkies or they don't hear you. I'm not using a stock mic, its a Samsung QU1. I don't understand why this was taken out.
    cantbreak90;4120791 said:
    Yes, fix the vocals issue. Either there is some new technique needed to break these activation windows to set off overdrive or the programming is terribly flawed. I mean these aren't even early windows. They are early windows from hell. Also, what's the point of having an overdrive activation window light up after the pitch indicator has already passed it.
    (After browsing I can add to some of these)
    I noticed this too, but didn't think all that much of it since I only sang a few songs. But yeah, that window activates pretty much when the next phrase is starting and thats not very helpful for going into OD.It registers the OD much later than the GDRB timing. The system sort of treats it as an afterthought.
  • fujourifujouri Opening Act
    edited October 2010
    folkeye;4122570 said:
    Agreed in full. It is very distracting to watch that constant spazzing mic. I don't mind some animation hiccups but that one just jumped out big time. It's the animated version of the 'shaky arrow' HA! :p Is there a way to smooth this out?

    Can you lube the drummer? They're very, very mechanical and stiff compared to the RB2 Drummer. I don't know if your running off the same framerate, or previous build but they need a massage :)
    Hey... I never thought of it that way. This isn't the Shaky Arrow Syndrome... This is a Tribuuute!!!

    Anyway, yeah, this was annoying. Not in that game-wrecking kind of way, but one has to wonder what happened there in QA. I mean, this is a glitch that kind of, well, jumps out at you.
  • bach2112bach2112 Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Console: XBox 360

    As stated before, mic overdrive wasn't working.

    I also noticed glitching with the scrolling of the notes. This came in during Road Challenge. It would start slowing down glitcing wise, and cause everyone to miss they're notes.

    Now I have read many reports, but I want to state this one. My wired guitar controller from RB 1 didn't even get recognized by Rock Band 3. Though I could power on my xbobx, I could hit start at the menu. Someone let me know if anything wired besides a mic will work.

    With the tamborine/cowbell parts for the mic, sensitivty couldn't be turned down and you could hear the clapping on the mic inside of the sound of the instrument.

    Don't know if this was a problem, but I was having problems redeeming codes. It might be my code and a Gamestop issue, but just let me know.
  • s1yfoxs1yfox Opening Act
    edited October 2010
    Just a Minor suggestion, but can a left handed player have a left handed character please?
  • MagnetMagnet Moderator
    edited October 2010
    The_Spleen;4120003 said:
    The most obvious bug/glitch I've noticed is what I call the "Rhythm Mic"™. For some reason when the mic is shown in the stand it will sometimes either occasionally or quite frequently pulsate, bounce, move, or even shoot into the singers head. It seems to do this in rhythm to the beat (almost as if it's following the bass drum).

    Here are the details:
    - PS3 version
    - All songs were played in Quickplay (I haven't played any other mode yet)
    - Played solo on Expert Guitar & then Expert Drums
    - Songs in order, where I noticed this:
    New Order (happened very frequently)
    Burning Down the House (only saw it happen once)
    Touch Me (occasionally)
    Riders on the Storm (half-way through the song)
    Our Lips are Sealed (occurred after the drum break)
    All Mixed Up (occasionally).

    Similarly I've seen the bass guitar do the same thing. It seems to stutter or twitch - separating itself from the character model and back to normal very quickly. I've only noticed it occurring on the body of the bass though - so the fretboard and hand animations are unaffected. Very strange and somewhat creepy.

    Wow, I came in here primarily to post the same thing. Ever since I first noticed it, I can't stop seeing it, and it seems to happen on all songs at random times. Mic and guitar body jumping positions like crazy.

    It's not a huge deal in terms of gameplay I guess, but it's so annoying once you notice it because then it's like all I see when it happens and it puts a huge damper on the experience. I'd love this to be fixed in a patch.

    Other things I noticed were trouble activating vocal overdrive and the drummer looking like he was having a near seizure at the end of one song. I wish I could remember which one song.

    Also, there's one venue shot I've seen several times that shows from far behind the crowd. I've only played small indoor venues so far, and that shot creates a lot of graphical glitches with rendering the audience properly.

    As for feature requests, drop-in/drop-out gameplay without pausing the game is a must. It is not at all a smooth feature currently, as it disrupts the flow of gameplay each time someone wants to join in or stop playing. Yes, it's still loads better than the old way of waiting for a song to end, however, there's a lot of room for improvement here.
  • phil_cotephil_cote Unsigned
    edited October 2010

    I noticed that the crowd does not sing along tunes anymore, which is REALLY a shame, especially when playing in surround sound.

    Why is that an omission this time around ? The extra work needed to add that might have been a trouble but boy it does add to the fun! My friends and I sometimes even all sang along with the crowd even though no one used the microphone.

    Please, please, bring it back! If not possible, bring it back partly or progressively.

  • millercvmillercv Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Bass, keyboard and guitar online at the same time would be nice.

    FWIW I didn't have any vocal overdrive issues with the wireless mics.
  • darthmedicdarthmedic Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    System: Xbox 360

    When selecting songs to play,and then change the filter by Bands,RB3 game freezzes up and i have to reboot my gaming platform and try it again.

    Also,i am very disappointed with Harmonix,i have spent several,LOTS,of money in this game.I was screwed over for the RB2 launch in Canada,had to wait another week,and this time No KEYBOARD BUNDLE with game,that i pre ordered months ago,and no game token for 3 free songs as promised on top of the free 3 doors tunes.
    This is twice that this happened to me,there will certainly not be a 3rd AT ALL!!!
    Marketing team needs a boot in the behind,Harmonix knew this and have done NOTHING to fix this or pump this out to the gamers!!
    Thanks for the BIG disappointment,thanks for the bugs in the game,thanks for no Bundles,thanks for no tokens!!
  • FredEffinChopinFredEffinChopin Opening Act
    edited October 2010
    Drums: Ion kit

    I'm not sure if this is a compatibility issue with the Ions or not, I have no stock kit to test with, but:

    When flipping through song lists, the yellow and blue pads will occasionally behave as if they are the triangle button, bringing up song info instead of moving up and down through the list. It seems to be completely random, I tried seeing if there was any predictability to it, but I couldn't find any. I can just be rolling on the yellow pad to move up through the list, and at any point it might open song info.
  • scrotusscrotus Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Chalk another up with the digital glitch sound during playback. Happened multiple times in the same song (sorry don't remember the exact song).

    PS3 Slim 120gb
    Happened in quickplay on pro keys medium with another player on guitar.
  • Y2JoshY2Josh Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    The random stand-ins are EXTREMELY annoying, and they're actually the only issue I'm having so far. I know you guys wanted the game to change the sex of the vocalist to match the respective song, but this is really jarring, especially when the game always seems to assign my female drummer to sing the male vocal parts. If it's impossible to tie a stand-in to a specific instrument, could an option be implemented where you set stand-ins for particular line-ups? Like... you'd have your stand-ins set for songs with male vocals and then choose another specific set for songs with a female vocalist. I know there are other set-ups that throw the band off dramatically, but these configurations rarely seem to occur as the keys only seem to show up if another part is completely missing.
  • cRaZyBrOs2cRaZyBrOs2 Unsigned
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    Mike_Sandbag;4122360 said:
    System: PS3

    I would really like to suggest making a patch so that we can create more than 10 characters. Going from 24 to only 10 in RB3 was quite a bummer for me and my family, who love creating characters (it's one of our favorite parts of Rock Band). We filled all slots in RB2 and wished there were more. With Rock Band 3 coming out, we were speculating about how many more character slots we would get, only to find out we get less than half. It was quite a bummer. I know I would love it (and I'm sure others would too) if you awesome guys at Harmonix could find a way to increase the character limit.

    Thank you so much for your time! I hope you take my suggestion into consideration.

    I agree with this entirely
  • madman421madman421 Opening Act
    edited October 2010

    freezes when searching music and selecting by band type
  • ultrampultramp Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    phil_cote;4122725 said:

    I noticed that the crowd does not sing along tunes anymore, which is REALLY a shame, especially when playing in surround sound.

    Why is that an omission this time around ? The extra work needed to add that might have been a trouble but boy it does add to the fun! My friends and I sometimes even all sang along with the crowd even though no one used the microphone.

    Please, please, bring it back! If not possible, bring it back partly or progressively.


    I agree with this request wholeheartedly. Crowd sing alongs made the rock band platform more unique than its competition. It created a sense of actually being at a live show, and in part, thats what this game is all about. So HMX please reimplement this.

    Also the vocal overdrive is almost impossible to activate on the PS3 version.
  • themadanglerthemadangler Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    When selecting songs in quickplay, there is a very loud and irritating background noise (sounds like a car idling or something like that). It's to the point that I have to mute the game when picking a song because it's that loud. I think it's actually louder then the music you hear when you previewing a song choice to pick for play. None of the settings in the audio options turns down this awful noise either.

    Please please please patch this!

    GT: The Mad Angler
  • MahoroMahoro Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    - PS3
    - "Dead End Friends"

    This song doesn't count toward the 'Dave Grohl Band' career goal, but the other Them Crooked Vultures song does.
  • Donald04Donald04 Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Please add Lego Rock Band and Rock Band export forth Wii.
    Or made the song available as DLC for Wii.
  • SphinxSphinx Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Not a bug, just a wish. I wish you could either edit characters' features again after creating them, or save them in the character creator to finish later. It can take a while to get them right and if you run out of time you have to start over.
  • lpfan4everlpfan4ever Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    * Xbox 360
    * Cancer Bats - Sorceress (RBN)
    * Career - Pro Drums - IONS with three cymbals

    I noticed yesterday while playing Sorceress, a couple parts that should have been tom hits were charted as cymbals. I checked a live video just to make sure I wasn't hearing things wrong, but I know for sure that during some rolls, the drummer's not going to his cymbals, as opposed to what the game is telling me. I can check later tonight if this is just a single song issue, a Cancer Bats general issue, or just having to do with RBN songs.
  • Pearl WhitePearl White Rising Star
    edited October 2010
    Suggestion : Please give usthe old forums back this narrow window of squashed up text and fancy graphics is hellish to navigate , scroll through, update.

    New site look main page is nice, forum is abysmal tho
  • MahoroMahoro Unsigned
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  • The_MouthpieceThe_Mouthpiece Unsigned
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    monlienNH3;4120372 said:
    System: XBOX 360

    I have encountered a serious bug in the game. I played earlier in the day with my girlfriend, then I went to play by myself tonight and get this message:

    "Loading has failed for an unknown reason. Selected storage device is no longer available."

    I skip this screen and get this message: "Autosave has been disabled. In order to re-enable it, press START to go to the menu, select "Options" and the "System Settings".

    I press "continue" and my band logo, fans, and everything are there. I re-enable autosave and start playing. I get fans for everything I had already done - lots of fans. I started this session with 5,000,000 fans and end with 100,000,000 fans. This is for about 20 songs in Quickplay. Somewhere along the line, my guitar batteries die in between songs. When I replace the batteries, the game is completely glitched. The singer and guitarist don't move. The singer has no arms. And the bass player disappears. Eventually, I got fed up after capturing some video - I will post when I get a chance. I turned the system off and reload.

    Every time I turn on the game the messages appear and my fans are at the previous count, the logo is there, but now my characters are invisible and the game reacts as described above. I get fans for things I've already done, etc.

    Finally, I moved this save file to another memory unit and am creating a new save file - which is disappointing since I put a lot of time into my band logo and 4 characters - and lose previous scores, etc.

    I will hold on to this save file and hope for a patch. Meanwhile, I'll just start over and hope it doesn't happen again. Otherwise, AWESOME GAME!

    This may be too late to help, but I had a similar problem in another game, and got a cryptic and unhelpful error. What I ended up doing was deleting my gamer profile, and then did the "recover gamertag" option on the 360. Make sure you do NOT delete any of your saved games, etc. The process takes like 10 minutes, and I haven't had an error since.

    YMMV and good luck.
  • The_NerevarineThe_Nerevarine Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    Not a huge fan of the Quickplay changes like the unlimited setlist, super host powers and the ability to add the same song to the setlist more than once.


    I would have thought this would be the first thing implemented into RB3, but somehow I still get ****ed over when I play online by having to play the same songs every single time. Thanks.
  • Dr.HeartlessDr.Heartless Unsigned
    edited October 2010
    *System Xbox 360

    Last night I had some friends over and we each signed in. So there were 4 different profiles. We started up Rock Band 3 with a vocalist, guitar, bass, and keyboard but the game would only allow 3 of them to be used without all instrument mode being turned on. When we would turn one of the controllers off it would let the one it was previously blocking in. Then turning on the controller you just turned off it would become the blocked controller. It was the RB Keyboard, RB guitars (wireless RB2 versions), and we tried it with both the wireless mic and the RB usb mic.
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