Solo piano: Thoroughly un-Rock Band, but I still want it

MasterGriefMasterGrief Unsigned
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Hey people, long time lurker, rare poster. I've got a question concerning custom downloadable content for Rock Band 3, now that we have the keyboard:

Is there any chance that keyboard-only songs (or instrumentals, I suppose) can be made for the game? As much as I like the core idea of the Rock Band franchise, which is to say I like playing music made by a Rock Band, I'd very much like to be able to learn some specifically piano music using this great new peripheral. Bach, for example, or perhaps something more contemporary like Keith Jarret. Or why not Thelonious Monk or even Scott Joplin? Having a keyboard in this game creates an enormous variety of possibilities.

I must admit, I'm not entirely educated on the Rock Band Network system. Can anybody make songs for the game, at least for personal use? And if so, could creating piano music to be learned with the game be as simple as importing an MIDI and assigning specific notes to specific keys? Even if you can't give me a certain answer for any of these questions, thanks for looking.


  • Nathaniel607Nathaniel607 Opening Act
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    Yes it's possible. I reckon we might get some classical composers (from that Fauxharmonix Orchestra guy) and some contemporary, but I don't think classic blues/jazz is that likely. You could email some of them (or email associates) and ask them - send them to a company but I'm not sure if there's much demand for stuff like Thelonius Monk - though wouldn't they have drum and bass parts as well?

    And yes, people can make there own music and put it in the game - is a lot of work though and not many people are doing it. An example would be Chaotrope.
  • OhioBuckeyeOhioBuckeye Opening Act
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    Getting Solo keys songs is what RBN is all about. I really hope it does happen. I'm talking from Classical to New age. RBN is the perfect venue for this stuff.

  • EliminatorEliminator Unsigned
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    I also create my own music for RBN. I've been really excited about being able to chart pro keys so that I can use more complex arrangements without feeling like I'm "wasting" a part by being unable to chart it. I also draw from different influences for my music.
  • omgtkkyb1992omgtkkyb1992 Rising Star
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    I'd like a few songs from Jordon Rudess. Known as the keyboard from Dream Theater. I got an album of just him playing keyboard and its pretty wonderful.
  • The-Dude1212The-Dude1212 Rising Star
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    Marc Cohn.

    'Walking In Memphis'

    Only when I'm actually listening to it, do I realize it actually has drums...bass...outside of piano and vocals.

    So I guess I wouldn't be too crazy to request it :p
  • CaptainKickerCaptainKicker Road Warrior
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    Is there any RBN song out yet, that features keys?
  • EliminatorEliminator Unsigned
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    No, not yet. Harmonix hasn't released the materials and guidelines for RBN2 authoring yet. The only RB3 feature that RBN songs can have is Pro Drums.
  • WerttyWertty Rising Star
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    I would absolutely love this for one or two songs I listen to, like the Competition from the Good life, even though there's about a .0001% chance that would ever happen. It would be cool for stuff like beethoven or something crazy like that though.
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