Tongue Twister Typo Bugged in Pro Drums

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All the drum rolls on the toms are charted as cymbals. Animations are playing the right percussion device however. Playing a tom fill on the cymbals is just... wrong. Will we run into any more oddities like this? Can we expect a fix?


  • SwivleSwivle Rising Star
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    I noticed this too with the two RBN songs I've played on RB3. All the non-red gems are charted as cymbals on pro drums, regardless if they are actually cymbals or not. What's the deal?
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    You're playing it on XBOX right?

    It looks like all or most songs are listed as having Pro Drums and Harmonies on there song pages. This is not the case. We finished Tongue Twister Typo in February 2010. Nobody was clues in on how to be compatible with Pro Drums until late July I think.

    That being said I will REALLY open a can of worms by noting that some (or many) songs that were later ported to PS3 and Wii had to be updated. The updates included the Tom notations. So some of our songs on PS3 and Wii may or do have pro drums and on XBOX do not.
    All the drum rolls on the toms are charted as cymbals.
    They are charted as the colored gems. RB3 pro defaults to Cymbal icons unless gems are noted to be toms. Literally hundreds of RBN songs (most of them) do not note toms.

    I had assumed songs without the Pro Drum authoring wouldn't display cymbals but apparently that is not the case.
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    Those songs do not have pro drums charting. Please reference my thread in this very sub-forum about which songs have pro drums. Songs without pro drums have no toms.
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