Most of the RBN songs wrong on Pro Drums

ColdplayerColdplayer Headliner
edited October 2010 in The Rock Band Network
So, I guess HMX should have left the feature out of previously released RBN songs. I don't know how RB3 created the drum track for Pro Drums but it's definitely wrong for most songs. And I'm really disapointed by that.

A really aweful example is The Heist by DNA Evolution. Just check it our on Pro Drums... OMG...


  • LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
    edited October 2010
    Yeah, you can't really blame the RBN charters for that, the charts aren't "worng" it's just that there is no Pro Drums chart on those songs. It's very unfortunate that RB3 doesn't do any kind of check to filter out songs that don't have Pro Drums charted and stop you from playing them in that mode
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