Why are some songs not in the RBN music store?

weeyooweeyoo Road Warrior
edited October 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Any reason as to why there are songs that people have but arent in the music store when i checked?


  • Santa ClaustrophobiaSanta Claustrophobia Road Warrior
    edited October 2010
    Well, since you don't provide any examples...

    There are two likely possibilities:

    One, some songs were briefly available and were purchased by people whilst they were 'up'. But then they were taken down for various reasons. And so they were never in the store to begin with or they were but are no longer available.

    Two, some songs pass the review process and are technically available for purchase via XBL Marketplace links. But they're actually sitting in a kind of quarantine waiting for HMX to officially approve the song for general release to the public. Quarantine usually takes a day or two, but anything that 'passes' on or just before the weekend will have to wait until at least Monday since HMX has yet to approve songs over the weekend.
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