RBN Mega-Mix

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Hello all!

I don't frequent this forum very often, but I thought I would stop in and express some thoughts on this wonderful track.

First, it seems to be fixed. I haven't actually played vocals, but I have watched the track (performance mode/no-fail) and every time I have watched it there has been a star "ding" during "Everyone I Know Is An Alcoholic", which is where everyone seems to have run into issues. Note that this is on the Canadian Xbox marketplace. Maybe someone will download it/re-download it and confirm I'm not insane?

Second, I just wanted to say Thank You to the people who put this together. Because of them I went out and bought songs from Rose of Jerhico and Scratching The Itch, two bands I hadn't even considered buying before checking this song out!

Anybody else discover new bands because of this mix?


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