Anyone else having my problem?

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:mad: I recently had to cancel my XBOX Live account due to poor finances and now every time I try to play any songs I downloaded (can't remember how many but its been over 100) I can MAYBE play at most about 10 of them total. I don't know if you HAVE to be on LIVE just to be able to play things I pay money for (which by the way, this has happened with a few other games in my library ) but it REALLY lays on the stress. So anyone out there that could give me any insight at all would be appreciated.


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    By any chance did your 360 break and get replaced?

    Due to Microsofts DRM Unless you did an Licence Migration they will not work unless connected to Xbox Live.

    If you did have it replaced, chances are the songs that are working are the songs you purchased AFTER you got your refurbished/new 360 am i right?

    Because that would explain why some are working (the licence is on your current 360) and others do not work unless connected to LIVE (Licence is on other 360).

    The Licence transfer is free but can only be done once a year, and you will have to redownload everything. Dont worry, it doesnt download the whole songs, just the licence, (and any other things such as arcade games) and you can be a silver member as well. Hope it helps!

    EDIT: Hang in there also man, things will get better! I recently went through some trouble with Finances, so i feel your pain. Best bet man is just hang in there, trust me all will be well! Good luck!
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    And you simply have to be connected to LIVE. Which means Silver accounts work.
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