Rickenbacker (Xbox 360) - How to connect headset?

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I recently picked up a Rickenbacker to replace my ailing Les Paul. I really love the guitar so far, it's a very beautiful item.

Last night I played some RB3 online for the first time with some friends and I couldn't figure out how to connect a headset to the guitar so that I could talk to everyone. I'm sure that I'm just missing something, but I've gone back through the documentation that game with the guitar and I can't find anything describing how I can connect a headset and there doesn't appear to be any logical place for me to attach the headset like there is on the GH guitars. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • ColdplayerColdplayer Headliner
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    I don't have the guitar and have no idea if its possible. But I normally use a wireless headset. They are much more comfortable to use anyway.
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    Assuming you play right-handed. Put on the guitar. There's a tiny hole on the upper right of the guitar.
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    I have the Gretsch guitar and also have a problem with the headset jack. There is a hole to put it in in the same spot as any other guitar, but the area around it won't fit the plug of the headset. I assumed there was a new style of headset with a different shaped plug, but I haven't seen anything like it yet.
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    There is a hole on the top edge of the guitar body. Don't get your hopes up though, as both my Rick & Gretsch messes up other people talking...meaning, anyone who says something to me hears themselves repeating back. A mate of mine has the Rick too and this also happens with his. Very annoying!
    I went with a wireless in the end, but that picks up the music and plays through everyone elses headset with a delay. Also very annoying.
    I now have to wear the wireless headset with headphones plugged into the TV. Slightly less annoying!
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