Adding violin as another instrument

SirLuckyJackSirLuckyJack Unsigned
edited November 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Many country songs use this in there songs. Like Charley Daniel band. Many Rock groups use it as well. I know this is rock band, not country band, but we can't leave out a genre of most and only allow some. This also opens up for more people playing. I hate to say it but too much rock can actually be too much. Plus many country songs rock, as well as christian artists like NewsBoys, Avalon, DC Talk, Amy Grant, Toby Mac, I could go on and on. As far as country goes, you have Alan Jackson, Brook's and Dunn, but not all there hits. Im just saying this because I would rather buy a track pack than individual songs. Well enough babbling on, let me know what you think if you wish.


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