ASP would like to sponsor a playtester!

ASPAnthmanASPAnthman Unsigned
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Would you like to become a RBN playtester? Do you often sit and think to yourself while playing songs and think "I could do this better"?

Well now is your chance to make a difference! ASP would to sponsor someone to test songs for us on the RBN forums. You will receive access to a premium account which will give you full access to everything in the RBN.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email][/email] and let us know why you think you would be a good tester. All applicants will be given a test song and whoever does the best job reviewing it will be awarded our sponsorship.

Get to it!


  • kingtonyxkingtonyx Unofficial
    edited November 2010
    I was in the process of shooting you an email but I just realized that I would need to have RB2 in order to test :(

    I've definitely wanted to get back into it though. Maybe I could use my cousin's copy, he has RB3 too and RB2 just sits there. Unless he sold it too, I dunno.
  • PawprintPawprint Unsigned
    edited November 2010
    Could you explain what this playtester will do? I don't understand the question about thinking "I could do this better." Do what? Chart the song?
  • chasenmuskychasenmusky Rising Star
    edited November 2010
    Playtest songs, basically songs that are released for the RBN go through an authoring process, playtest process and then finally a peer review stage. I`d be guessing you need to help playtest and review songs to get them through the RBN process quicker.

    Basically you download a track and play it or watch it, rate it and give comments on it, like if they have any G+Y+O guitar chords you`d have to tell the author that`s not allowed or if they have mis-charted stuff you`d have to let them know or if there is spelling mistakes in the lyrics, basically like a game tester, make sure things are charted and made according to the RBN rules. Can be time consuming, I try and get on there testing and reviewing songs when I can.

    I`m not sure if they give you the XNA tools and Reaper, if they do you can fully chart and sell your own music.

    EDIT: Should have added, at the moment you can only playtest and peer review songs on an Xbox.
  • J-Roc-DrumzJ-Roc-Drumz Rising Star
    edited November 2010
    I'd like to be able to do this cause I have plenty of time now. But it just feels like it'd be too much pressure for me lol. Plus for some reason I don't seem to be getting all the different sounds at max volume out of my receiver, even though I have the speaker wires hooked into the Main Left and Right. Some stuff just sounds really low like crowd sing alongs and certain parts for instruments. So i'd maybe miss some things like the volume control for this or that part for x instrument. Kinda sucks tbh, I just may have to play with it some more. Any other places I tried doesn't seem to get as much volume as where it's in now.
  • Tego1inTego1in Road Warrior
    edited November 2010
    Let me put it this way: This sponsorship will give you the ability to play songs in development by ASP and give much needed feedback, for FREE. Its a win/win situation IMO.
  • JesteR17011JesteR17011 Opening Act
    edited November 2010
    Well its should be more specific. Like what console you need and if there are country restrictions.
  • Burntoutat22Burntoutat22 Opening Act
    edited November 2010
    JesteR17011;4176657 said:
    Well its should be more specific. Like what console you need and if there are country restrictions.

    XNA is only on XBOX. You can only play initial RBN songs on XBOX. How much clearer about what console is needed other than the basic foundation of RBN thats already been laid out?
  • pmpboarderpmpboarder Road Warrior
    edited November 2010
    I threw my name in the hat. Sounds like a fair trade!
  • UltimatesnakeUltimatesnake Opening Act
    edited November 2010
    Only for xbox? Wow that sucks...
  • ASPAnthmanASPAnthman Unsigned
    edited May 2011
    Hey everybody, we are renewing this offer to look for a new tester. If you are interested in playtesting/peer reviewing songs to help the RBN pipeline move along we hope you will email in.
  • BigWoodMan22BigWoodMan22 Unsigned
    edited June 2011
    I applied for this but I was just wondering if anything has become of this or if anybody was chosen yet
  • ASPAnthmanASPAnthman Unsigned
    edited June 2011
    Not yet...we will leave it open until Friday and then choose who we sponsor.
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