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i really wanna know if there will be a special rockband in the near future that be exclusive for each console that will celebrate them each like rockband wii where you could have each custom characters dress like some of the biggest nintendo icons i would love to have a character look like ganondorf while rocking out beast and the harlot by sevenfold. or link singing fishin' by weezer that would be awesome. and for sony seeing kratos rock out to songs from the god of war sound track. i dont of course care for xbox whatever is done for that. and since america has been experienceing more j-pop and j-rock ( j for japan) maybe seeing for the heck of it puffy amiyumi teen titans theme or any other of their works and other bands from the land of the rising sun like hekireki by last allaince and exciter by bomb factory since it was used in dead or alive 2 for dreamcast and playstation 2 in america it was in english anywway. that wwould up the possible amount of track to a great amount for rockband fans. hope to see more gorillaz tracks to like dirty harry, el manana, stylo, superfast, jellyfish.


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