Editable Track lists / crash bug

Hitman_MTHitman_MT Unsigned
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Hello :)

At first sorry for my english and i hope you understand my request.
Yesterday i was messing up to create some personal track lists in RB3 and i figured out that its not possible to edit a track list after its done. You can edit the name and discription but not the songs in it.
I really hope you change this with an patch or something cause its a bad thing when you make an big track list and after you see "ah i forgot this song" and all you can do is deleat it and start over to search all the songs together in a collection of hundreds of songs.
Please please add this feature ! :)

And by the way can you fix this random crash bug on PS3? Its happend now 3 times in 2 days that the game crash randomly and kicked you back to PS3 main menue. Most time it happens in the screen where you pick your songs to play.

best regards


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