Rock Band Network Radio?

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I just thought of a great way to sell more RBN DLC!

I know there used to be a "Rock Band" radio station, possibly on Rhapsody, that only played songs from the Rock Band series and its DLC. Does there exist an online radio station that does the same for Rock Band Network songs? I have found quite a few RBN gems I missed out on simply by seeing them talked about elsewhere, and I think with a radio station I would find more. If anyone has found a station that plays Rock Band Network songs, I would love to listen!


  • madcapmattmadcapmatt Road Warrior
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    This sounds like a great idea. You could tie in a radio station featuring only songs from RBN artists. I haven't picked up any unknown songs in months, something like this could help change my mind, along with thousands of the Gold subscribers with free access to
  • LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
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    Somebody beat you to it => ROCK BAND 24/7
    Every song from every
    Rock Band game.
    Streaming now.

    It's not very prominent but there it is

    edit: I don't know if it includes RBN songs or not. I do know that they use RBN songs as background music for their new facebook game "Rock Band 3 Icons"
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    It doesn't seem like there are any RBN songs on that page, LuigiHann. Of course, you can't fit 22/00 songs into an hour, so it may just be bad luck. I know I attribute that to having to listen to at least a dozen station tags during that hour, including three in a row. Ugh! Song, tag, two songs, tag, song, two tags, commercials, song, three tags, two songs, two tags, two songs, tag, song, more commercials, tag, etc...
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