wii GHWT & Rock Band Compatability ???

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I know there have probably been a million questions on this, so forgive me. My son has the original Guitar Hero World Tour bundle (mic, guitar, and drums), as well as the Guitar Hero 2 bundle (guitar) for Wii.

I would really love to get him the Rock Band Beatles, ACDC, and RB Green Day games, but I'm finding conflicting information about if they will work with GHWT instruments for Wii or not.

I hate to have two sets of equipment here. I'm not opposed to buying the Rock Band bundle, or the Beatles Edition of the band equipment as our GHWT drums are fading, and our mic has seen better days, but if I do that, will our GHWT games play on the rock band instruments? Or can the rock band games play on the ghwt instruments? Or am I stuck with having 2 sets of instruments?

Please help!
Clueless Mom


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