This subforum is officially dead (Just like Paul)

gamegyro56gamegyro56 Road Warrior
edited November 2010 in The Beatles: Rock Band
As in, it either has one foot in the grave, or it died not long ago and was replaced by an ugly replacement forum with no members. Fake Paul also has no members. *whispers* That's why his voice is high in When I'm 64

I mean there were only 4 other users who even posted here today. I'm gonna call it and say we can start digging a hole. We can dig it with no hope of fixing the hole.

I haven't seen one Fab Friend post in a LONG time here, so I will say you guys (The Fab Friends) officially suck (for lack of a better euphemism). Especially "you." YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. (you may or may not be Fuse, or D-man)

But off-topic threads are generally frowned upon....So....what do you guys think about DLC?


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