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Need some advice from all the experts....

I have been playing Rockband 1,2,3 for the past few years and I have always had a problem with the microphone being about 1 second delayed with the audio track. I know 1 second doesn't sound like much, but it can really throw off the people playing the guitar or the drums.

I have my Xbox 360 setup with a Epson projector and Yamaha Audio receiver, with the game calibrated with a Rock band 2 guitar (auto-calibration) and using both wired USB mic and Wireless mic.

Any ideas or does everyone have this issue?



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    Try to calibrate the game, if this don't work try to talk in your PC and if that also don't work ask the store where you buy the Microphone why the delay
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    The game has been calibrated, I use 2 different types of microphone (Rockband 1 Wired and Xbox Wireless). Is there a way to calibrate just the microphone?
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    I've had ongoing issues with this (and drum fills). I can calibrate the crap out of the game and both will still be off.
    I had my Xbox going to my Yamaha receiver through HDMI and found that to cause the most lag. I've experimented and found that running the component cables with the optical for audio works the best. I also set the video output to 720p. So basically I have to swap back and forth when I play anything else.
    I don't know if anyone has a better method of doing this, but this is what I've found works.
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    Anything that you do that the game doesn't already have pre-recorded will have some some delay (latency). There is no possible technical way to stop this from happening, there will always be SOME latency, however there are ways to reduce it. As the audio latency on most televisions doesn't matter for 99.999% of the content, it's not a priority, and because audio and video need to be somewhat synchronized....

    Essentially, this is a problem that no software fix can EVER solve. The only way to reduce it is to be very very particular about your hardware. Find the video display with the lowest delay you can. Run your audio signal path without going digital at all out of the xbox (Run RCA cables directly to powered speakers w/ some sort of volume control if you can - I use my studio audio interface with direct input monitoring as a volume control).
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    The problem is coming from three places.

    - First, the latency of your microphones. The Rock Band 1 stock microphone has a small amount of latency. The Xbox 360 wireless microphones have significantly more.

    - Second, the game itself adds a little processing time. This is especially true if you turn off Pitch Correction, as the game has to think about what to do with your vocal inputs before sending it on.

    - Lastly, your equipment. That Yamaha receiver? It's probably adding a noticeable amount of lag. You only notice it on vocals because it's the only instrument where the game is actually forced to use your input; all the other instruments are smoke-and-mirrors to make you think you're playing in time when the game is actually expecting the inputs to come later.

    There's really not much of a solution for this, though some receivers have a minimal-processing mode (equivalent to a TV's Game Mode) which can reduce the amount of lag caused by the hardware.
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    My personal fix for this is to disable Dolby Digital (which reduce my audio lag from 50~60ms to somewhere really close to 0) or, if I dont want to disable my sweet Digital Surround sound, I turn the microphone volume all the way down, so my voice doesnt come out of the speakers. If I want people to hear me, well, they can, they are standing 3 feets away from me
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    Icemage;4179308 said:

    - Lastly, your equipment. That Yamaha receiver? It's probably adding a noticeable amount of lag.

    I'm with Icemage on this one - originally I'd been searching out a quality USB condenser mic (Ie. Samson C01U) but went this route and shut off my Yamaha's amp processing ('Effect Off') and found my mics were bang-on with the songs audio output/timing.

    I do Blackened's trick as well since singing for me is less about karaoke and just playing with a group. Plus I think the reverb just kills any attempt to sound like a serious vocalist, and makes you sound like a bad lounge act.

    If you can't live without 5.1, then I think you'll really have a tough choice to make.

    Just IMHO
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