Question about L:RB Export/PS3 Region Issues

Zuler_RockZuler_Rock Unsigned
edited November 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
Alright, so I have a Region 1 (North American) copy of RB2, and that prompted me to buy any and all my DLC from the US Store, so every DLC song that I own is North American.
I saw L:RB for cheap the other day, and decided to pick it up. It was too late before I realised it was a Region 2 (EU) copy.
I REALLY want to be able to export the songs so I can play them on RB2 or RB3 (when I buy it, and it will hopefully also be Region 1). So, I put in my code on the site, redeemed it on my UK account and downloaded the key. If I purchase the Export Pack and export my songs from this Region 2 copy of LRB, will the songs work on RB2 or RB3 which are Region 1? If not, is there anything I can do?

Thanks guys! :)


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