How to repair a The Beatles Rock Band drum

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Can someone help me with my problem?
My little brother, while we are playing the game, beat the drums really loud and, now, the right plate is a little broken
Can you help me?
Is there any customer support? I'm from Italy...
Are there any videos that show how to open the drums?

P.S.:I tried to repair the problem with carpenter glue...


  • BlasteroidsBlasteroids Road Warrior
    edited November 2010
    How exactly did it break? Is it "loud" because the rim of the drum pad hits the base? If so, you maybe (I not promise) be able to pull it off and replace the foam suspension pads under it.

    The "carpenter glue" creates confusion. Please explain more.

    You can search on YouTube for Rock Band 2 drum mods. This might help?
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