Hardware Support Forum Tips For Quick Help

If you are having an issue with a piece of hardware there are ways to help us, help you.

First, what console are you on? - This is often left out of the initial help request and ends up being asked, then replied to then there you go a mini thread with zero forward progress.

What have you already tried to fix your issue? - Many times, people post a problem, someone suggests something and the OP says, "already tried that". Tell us where you are with the problem and we can go from there.

Search and browse - There are lots of posts on these pages. Many times your problem will have been posted and solved but it requires a few minutes of browsing the pages here. It wont hurt to read up on similar or related issues and it will prevent you from posting a common question that has been asked many many times.

BATTERIES - Many phantom issues are directly related to low batteries. Try fresh ones. Its an easy first step in troubleshooting. In my experience, rechargeable batteries are less than reliable. Try fresh non-rechargeable batteries before you decide batteries are not your issue.

FOLLOW UP PLEASE! - If you post a problem then get a solution that works or come up with one of your own PLEASE FOLLOW UP IN YOUR THREAD what you did to get it working. I see a lot of threads where a problem is presented and a solution suggested and then.... nothing.... Other users then post the same question and the circle continues. Let us know how your problem was solved so the next person with the same problem can try your remedy.

I will add to this as needed so feel free to PM me any suggestions you have for this "Help Us Help You Post".

Rock on!
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