Problems with RBN

MeurigVIIMeurigVII Unsigned
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For the past 3 days I've been having issues with connecting to the RBN. Is there a special port that has to be forwarded on a router or are they taking the network down that frequently?


  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    Is this your first attempt to connect to RBN or have you done so in the past?

    Just wanted to make sure because RBN isn't available in some countries/regions.
  • MeurigVIIMeurigVII Unsigned
    edited November 2010
    No actually. with RB2 I was connecting with no issue at all. I dont think i ever remember a single day that I couldn't connect to it.

    Since I got RB3 I've had about a 95% downtime with it. I've only been able to get my RB2 songs from the disk and one song off the network.
  • Santa ClaustrophobiaSanta Claustrophobia Road Warrior
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    Are you confusing the Store with Rock Band Network? Because the store has been having connectivity issues off and on since the release of RB3. It's a known issue with no expected date for stability.

    RBN is just what they call the process for bands to get their music into the game more easily.
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