Demand lower prices for RB products! Community dictated software sale!

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Hey gang,

In celebration of the release of Rock Band 3, we wanted to give you guys the opportunity to pick up some of the greatest hits in the RB catalog in time for the holidays. We're teaming up with to offer discounts of up to 60% for the following RB titles:

Rock Band 2 for PS3
Rock Band 2 for PS2
The Beatles: Rock Band for Xbox 360
The Beatles: Rock Band for PS3
The Beatles: Rock Band for Wii
Rock Band Metal Track Pack for PS2
Rock Band Country Track Pack for PS2
Rock Band Country Track Pack for Wii

To increase the discounts available, head to and click on the big yellow DEMAND IT! button and the discount will go up and the prices will go down. For every 2,000 people that demand it, the games will be discounted an additional 1% off the current selling price.

You can demand bigger discounts until December 3rd. Starting on December 4th you'll be able to purchase the software at the discounts YOU in the community have demanded.

So head on over to, DEMAND a bigger discount and encourage everyone you know to do the same!


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    Over 18,000 of you demanded deeper discounts on these games, so now this collection of classic RB software is 18% off!

    You've got until December 30th to snag these discs, so if you're looking to expand on your RB back catalog head on over there and click on things until you buy them!
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