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bridog7bridog7 Road Warrior
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Which Beatles songs have you been listening to alot lately. It can be songs from other artists as well.
For Me

Beatles:In My Life She Loves You For No One,We Can work it out,Rain,Ballad of John and Yoko,
If I Fell,Hey Jude, Fixing a hole,All My Loving and The Night Before

Paul McCartney: Fine Line,Let em in, Live and Let Die

John Lennon: Instant Karma and Imagine

Other: Led Zeppelin Kashmir and Black dog, Pink Floyd Money, Another brick in the wall
Steve Earle Copperhead Road, AC/DC, Lynard Skynrd, Queen and The Who My Generation


  • PaulMcIceteaPaulMcIcetea Opening Act
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    That i can think of is...

    Beatles, A day in the life, Hey Jude, In My Life and A Hard Days Night

    John, Paul, George and Ringo: Imagine, Beautiful Boy, Dance Tonight, Maybe I'm Amazed, My Sweet Lord, It Don't Come Easy

    Other: Stairway to heaven, black dog, kashmir, Courage, 50 Mission Cap, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dream on, Blitzkreig bop and Smoke On The water.
  • nascarfan19nascarfan19 Headliner
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    My interests shift majorly at times. Since I've had Beatles on my iPod, I haven't done much with other artists, but, at the current time:

    Beatles: If I Fell, If I Needed Someone, Got to Get You Into My Life, Songs 6-14 on the White Album (Disc 1), Honey Pie, Let It Be (Album)

    Other Artists: No Doubt, Franz Ferdinand, dc Talk, Blondie
  • JoeSaintsFanJoeSaintsFan Rising Star
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    Beatles: For No One, Rubber Soul album

    The Who: Eminence Front

    Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, Killer Queen
  • Shomu07Shomu07 Unsigned
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    Currently I'm listening to Long,Long,Long, It's All Too Much and Norwegian Wood

    Oasis: The Importance of being Idle, Champagne Supernova and Don't look back in anger

    Others: DJ Blend, Kid Cudi and the La's
  • beatlesfan99beatlesfan99 Rising Star
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    Beatles: Long Long Long... I haven't really been listening to them much lately...

    Lennon: Imagine album, Ive been playing on RB3 and listening to it alot more lately.

    Harrison: Wah Wah, Art Of Dying

    Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here(Album) I truly just cannot get enough of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. It's truly just amazing.

    Also Misery Business from RB3 has been embedded in my head and i've been listening to some of Paramores stuff. I'm not really sure why...

    And for some reason I've been listening to a band I used to despise and I think I still do...Green Day. My ears have been craving odd choices for me...
  • thatdrummerguythatdrummerguy Rising Star
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    Beatles: Let It Be, Revolution, I Am The Walrus, Helter Skelter/

    Muse: Asassin, Starlight, Stockholm Syndrome

    Killers: Somebody Told Me

    Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
  • bridog7bridog7 Road Warrior
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    Beatles: Physcadelic songs and misery

    Led Zeppelin Kashmir
  • theicon77theicon77 Opening Act
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    Beatles--I have been listening to the anthologies lately. I love the slowed down versions of Helter Skelter and She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.Also All Things Must Pass from the anthologies is great. I want that to play at my funeral.

    Others-Kanye West's new album is good if you are into rap.
  • bridog7bridog7 Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    Beatles. That is all.
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