RBN Songs Not Showing Up on RB Site

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This is totally probably the wrong place to do this, but it seemed relevant to the RBN.

So here it goes, being the huge Amberian Dawn fan girl that I am (having told them about RBN and all), I buy every single Amberian Dawn song there is for Rock Band. I wanted to create a custom Amberian Dawn set list in Rock Band 3, so I created my setlist in game but it never showed up on the website in my profile.

Thinking it was buggy, I went ahead and tried to create the setlist from the website itself.. I wanted to put all the songs in release order (album) and track order from the album.

First song was River of Tuoni, it was no where to be found in the drop down list on the website. In fact if you click on "Amberian Dawn" (linkage) you get all the songs in game EXCEPT that one (the very first to be released as well).

The song has been released, I follow this closely especially as I am a moderator on Amberian Dawn's International forum and I take special care of the Rock Band Section of the forum making sure to add the new songs when they are released along with a link to the site here.

The old link that I have in my posts for River of Tuoni works: River of Tuoni By Amberian Dawn but for some reason there is just no way to find it otherwise.

It exists still in game, but if it is in my setlist the website doesn't recognize it. I can't find the song either if I search for it, the song finder comes up empty.

I'm not sure if this is a problem ONLY with this song (all the other AD songs are listed) or there are potentially others out there in limbo, but if it got fixed sometime soon I would (and I'm sure other AD fans and AD members themselves) would appreciate it.
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