How to Identify True Beatles Knowledge

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I'm sure most of us knows one ... that girl that interjects in your conversation at work that she knows all about the Beatles when the only Beatles songs she knows are All You Need Is Love and I Wanna Hold Your Hand ...

Or even that guy that says he hates the Beatles and doesn't consider them real rock music when the only Beatles song he's heard is Yellow Submarine.

So what is on the list of things that someone must absolutely know to be considered one who truly knows the Beatles ... or at least worthy of a good conversation about Beatles music?


  • soup567soup567 Headliner
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    To at least know a few full albums and know a good amount of facts about them.
  • bridog7bridog7 Road Warrior
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    Oh my god. Like almost everything. I can remember all 13 albums in order. John lennon got his drivers liscince at 24. George ran with a ashtray on his during a studio session in 68. But yeah the guy who thinks the beatles aren't rock cause of yellow submarine is my dad. he thinks there rock but he doesn't think there the best. :@. I can remember release dates of every album
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    I say if you haven't memorized the names and lyrics of every Beatles song, including unauthorized bootlegs and re-released outtakes, as well as their respective keys, coding signatures, and sounding qualities, then you don't know The Beatles.
  • Backbeat60-62Backbeat60-62 Rising Star
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    I would say understanding where they came from helps to truly understand what happened from 1962 on. The only way to do that is on your own and is as easy as listening to "Beatles Live At The Star Club" enough until you get it.
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    This is a good question.

    And I am stumped. I guess knowing album tracks. Being able to identify what is a song that the Beatles covered and what is an original Beatles song. If someone says my favorite Beatles song is "You Really Got a Hold On Me" or Please Mister Postman" I guess that could out them.
  • clarknovaclarknova Opening Act
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    Knowing that without a doubt Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe were the heart and soul of the group. After them, of course it was Andy White (who played drums on "Love Me Do") and later Jimmy Nicol who briefly replaced Ringo on tour when he was sick.
  • RidethePiggyRidethePiggy Road Warrior
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    You'd have to know all the Beatles middle names.
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