Most recent Rock Band 3 Title Update notes - 12/2/10

Hey gang,

November has been a wild and wooly month and it’s been awesome to see so many people playing Rock Band 3, especially the people making killer progress in Pro Mode. We’ve gotten some amazing feedback from people relearning keys after taking piano lessons when they were kids and there’s been some ridiculous videos of people learning Ramones songs on Pro Guitar after just a few hours.

We’ve also been tracking all the feedback about requested fixes and we’re happy to announce that there’s an RB3 update going live today that should address some of the most discussed issues of the last month. We’ve received confirmation that this update should be live on PS3 (both SCEA and SCEE) today and will hit Xbox360 in the near future. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have more details.

There is a plan to release another update in the near future to address numerous other items, but these were the most pressing issues that we wanted to target as quickly as possible.

• Arena 12 Freeze (aka The Roadie Amp Loading Screen of Death) – If the amp loading vignette occurred immediately prior to an especially resource heavy venue it had the potential to cause a freeze. Your band should now be able to load their gear uninterrupted.

• Save Data Affected By Especially Long Band Names – Custom / Random Setlists specific to artists with especially long names (most notably Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives, The Presidents of the United States of America, etc) that were not completed before playing through to the next auto save could result in corrupted save data.

• Iron Man Eyebrow Freeze in Character Creator – The Character Creator would sometimes seize up when reselecting the default eyebrow for the Iron Man pre set face. All eyebrows are now safe.

• Pause Scoring Exploit – To prevent abuse of repeated pausing mid-song to pad a score, we now disable score reporting on any song in which a player repeatedly pauses. Your crowd meter should go grey and you will not be able to complete any goals or achievements tied to score during that play through.

We’ll keep this thread open to track feedback to pass along internally. It’s our hope that this update will address some of the most immediate concerns of the community and improve your enjoyment of a game that many of you clearly cannot get enough of. Thanks so much for your continued feedback. It’s your input that helps challenge us to continually raise the bar in music gaming.

Rock on!


**12/3 *EDIT***

Word on the street from MS is that the update has gone live on the Xbox 360. Thanks for your patience.


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