MIDI PRO Adapter FAQ - Drums - Keyboards - Guitar

We are seeing a bunch of repeat questions on the MIDI PRO Adapter so I created this FAQ.

Q: What does it do?

A: It translates MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) data into game controller input so you can use MIDI capable instruments with Rock Band.

Q: Is it wireless?

A: No, it uses a hardwired USB cable to connect with the game console.

Q: Can I use any e-drums I want with it?

A: You can use any e-drums with a standard MIDI output that is either capable of having the pads and cymbals MIDI notes assigned OR uses native MIDI notes that match the acceptable MIDI notes used by the adapter.

Q: Can I use any keyboard with it?

A: You should be able to use any keyboard with a standard MIDI output. There is a list of tested to be compatible keyboards in the MIDI PRO Manual.

Q: How are the keys of my MIDI keyboard mapped in RB3?

A: In Pro mode keys are mapped from C3 - C5. In Standard mode the white keys only are mapped from C4 to G4. The pitch wheel is used for whammy.

Q: Do I NEED this device to use the Fender Squier RB3 Guitar?

A: Yes

Q: Can I access the PRO Guitar & Bass charts using the MIDI Pro Adapter even if I don't have a guitar plugged in?

A: Yes you can. You can't play them of course but you can look at them.

Q: Can I use any guitar with a MIDI pickup or any MIDI guitar with it?

A: No. The Fender Squier RB3 Guitar is the only electric guitar that will work. It has sensors for finger placement in the neck that combine with MIDI pickup data to send SysEx messages to the MIDI PRO adapter.

Q: Can I use drums or keyboards that only output MIDI via USB?

A: No and yes.... It is not plug and play, there is no USB input for the MIDI PRO. You would need to run your instrument into a PC, then through MIDI software, then to the MIDI PRO.

Q: Does the MIDI PRO work in RB2?

A: Yes, for drums only. I have tested (PS3) and it works in, RB2, TB:RB, Lego RB and Green Day RB as RB2 drums with different sounds for cymbals and toms in fills and freestyle modes. In RB1 it also works as drums, but of course no different sounds in fills. I tried it with the GH:VH demo and NO GO, the game considered the adapter a regular controller and asked for a mic to be plugged in.

Q: Does it come with a MIDI cable?

A: No, you will need a MIDI cable of the appropriate length for your setup. You need a Male/Male - MIDI/MIDI cable. They can be found in several lengths at places as common as Best Buy.

Q: How long is the built in USB cable?

A: 9.8 Feet

Q: Can I extend the USB cable?

A: Yes - I have used a 16 foot long active USB extension cable and seen ZERO added latency (lag)





I will add to this FAQ as needed. Feel free to PM me any questions you think should be included.
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