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Hey all! Just wondering what kind of trouble I have gotten myself into. I just purchased TB-RB Limited edition,an extra mic,fender strat guitar,pro cymbals,RB-3,Lego RB and the keyboard for RB3. Am I going to lose my job? Are the kids going to get expelled from school for not going? Will the wife leave me? I'm scared! Someone hold me.....please....


  • robbieconrobbiecon Road Warrior
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    Take about a year off work, you're gonna need it for all that stuff.

    Have you played Rock Band before at all. Cause that's a lot of money worth spent in one go, if you haven't.
  • TheRollingBonesTheRollingBones Headliner
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    You're in for a good time, that is all.
  • beatlesfan99beatlesfan99 Rising Star
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    Don't be worried. You did the right thing.
  • nascarfan19nascarfan19 Headliner
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    Oh gosh. So much Rock Band merchandise. I don't know if the world can take it.

    I may have the solution: You need to build a compound, exactly 25 feet long and 20 feet wide and 100 miles from your current location. Reserve a majority of it for the overload of Rock Band equipment and proportion the remaining space to other necessities. When the world can finally handle it, a two foot tall leprachaun will come and get you and tell you it is safe. At this point you must demolish the entire compound with 300 pounds of dynamite and return back to your home where you will stay secure and reserve a room for Rock Band once again. If you find that the world still cannot take your overload of merchandise, a small aircraft will be waiting at the local airport and you will be transported there by bulletproof limo. You will be flown to an unspecified location where you will live the rest of your lives. When your children have children, make sure that the birth certificates have changed last names so that they are able to return to the home country. However, if the government...

    Other solution: Have fun :)
  • CaptainKickerCaptainKicker Road Warrior
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  • BookstahootaBookstahoota Unsigned
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    Ha Ha ya'll are too funny. Can't wait untill Santa brings everything on Christmas Eve. Cheers!
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