What were the last video games you played?


  • I found spider man decent but going for the platinum a lot of the side stuff gets very repetitious which has kept me away from bothering with the dlc.
    I’d give the game a solid 7.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    edited January 24
    A trio of Dangerous games are on sale for the rest of this month (PS4).
    Apparently some members of the Dangerous team (Three Fields Entertainment LTD) were responsible for the original Burnout games. The graphics have improved, compared to the original PS2 versions of those games, but much of the gameplay (number of levels, details within the levels) has been simplified, especially in the two driving games.

    Dangerous Golf - "crash" a golf ball through various locations [a well-appointed house, or convenience store, or gas station, etc.]. Eventually you'll want to sink the ball.
    Danger Zone - drive and then crash a car in a "test facility" (very stripped down world to operate in, feels like a demo). Don't fall off the edge of the simulated road and get de-rezzed.
    Danger Zone 2 - haven't tried it yet, but apparently you go out into the Real World with your car. And cause crashes. But the reviews suggest it's still an incomplete world and game.

    This particular type of game scratches some very specific itch for me. See also: P.A.I.N. [Wreck stuff, and then nudge your burning car / injured rag doll into the way of more moving and / or fragile items]. A more detailed review available upon request. Short review: Not good games, and not a huge variety of levels / detail within the levels. MAYBE this will scratch the same itch for you, if you loved Burnout and / or PAIN. Not recommended in general.
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    I tried playing Vampyr this past week, but I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said about it. I can, categorically, say that it exists. I think. It's a shame though, because I really, really like Life is Strange (1/Before the Storm, aren't playing 2 until it's finished), but Vampyr is like the (now) ironically named Remember Me, in that it's completely forgettable.

    I have also been playing Burnout Revenge again (on XB1 backwards compat), and it's still good.
  • wh1t3kn1tewh1t3kn1te Opening Act
    in a few hours ill be playing resident evil 2. so glad im off tonight.
  • wh1t3kn1tewh1t3kn1te Opening Act
    trying to do a speed run on standard difficulty on resident evil 2. I'm currently at 2 hours dead and only have the final two forms of the boss left. this is one of the hardest things I have done in a while, but its so satisfying.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    I've been sucked back into Borderlands on PS3.

    I finally finished a trophy grab run on BL1 (as many as I can commit to obtaining at least) and now I'm going through BL2 with my commando.

    I'll be running through BL TPS next, I just know it.

    sorry, backlog of PS4 games.
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    I'm playing KH III!!! (no spoilers!)
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Still grinding RDR2 here...
  • wh1t3kn1tewh1t3kn1te Opening Act
    just beat resident evil 2 on hardcore with an S rank. now the game is in easy mode.
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    Been playing the heck out of Hitman 2. I have a weird eye for details and plotting really stupid revenges, so this game gets me. So give me a game where I have to intricately plot my way through a massive level to pull off an over the top but discrete murder, I love it!
  • kal_el_0724kal_el_0724 Opening Act
    New Nintendo Direct dropped yesterday... who's excited for some Super Mario Maker 2 in June?!?!
  • Playing Far Cry New Dawn. So far it seems pretty fun. It's definitely a copy and paste of 5 for the most part, but still works as it's own game with the apocalyptic theme.
  • TubaDude49TubaDude49 Road Warrior

    Wingsuits, skiing, and snowboarding are fun, but it's really just making me want another SSX
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