To HMX: Why "Weird Al" deserves to be in RB

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UPDATE 2: Ok so originally "Weird Al" Yankovic was not one of the available artists to add to your wishlist on the Rock Band Facebook App. I commented about this on the RockBandAide article and HMXHenry luckily saw it! He said he supports "Weird Al" 100% and would get him added to the artist roster for the app. Well he came through and now you can add him to your wishlist of artists you want to see in RB. So if you have a Facebook account and want to play his music in RB, add "Weird Al" Yankovic to your wishlist and give him as many points as possible. This could still happen people! Don't let the dream die!

UPDATE: Ok so after hearing the HMX Q&A from PAX, one thing kept sticking in my head. Near the beginning they reference drinking from the firehose in UHF. You slipped up HMX. Now we KNOW you know and like "Weird Al", so now I'm left with one question. Where the **** is our "Weird Al" DLC?! Of course I'm overexaggerating but in all seriousness though I really hope it's coming SOMEWHERE down the line cause it doesn't make sense that openly admitted fans would not try to get his music in your game.

With the advent of the newest edition of Rock Band, RB3, comes new possibilities for artists that haven't been available to the RB platform yet. And with this new opportunity I have been inclined to (re)start the campaign to get "Weird Al" Yankovic's songs on RB. My reasons (besides the fact that he's my favorite artist of all time) are as follows:

1. He is interested in having his music in RB.
In a Ustream Q&A back in 2008, he was asked would he ever have his music in GH/RB and he said he would be glad to but has not been contacted by either Neversoft or HMX about his music. Also, in 2009, HMXHenry said regarding contacting him on getting his music on RB:

"I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, or create the false impression that future DLC is in any way, shape or form up to me...

...but this will be the first email I send out when I get into the office tomorrow. "

Since then we have not heard a word, not even rumors, of his music being in RB. I'm not saying his music isn't as hard to license as other musicians, but I'm certain he's no Muse.

2. His music is a great fit for RB3.
Now that RB3 has included the new features of harmonies and keys, "Weird Al's" music is a perfect fit for RB. If you've heard a lot of his music, he uses harmonies just as much as Queen or The Beatles. For examples, listen to Ringtone, Melanie, or Trigger Happy. Also, he's of course famous for his accordion skills and polka medleys. These would transfer to the keyboard wonderfully. I mean if 25 or 6 to 4 charts horns to keys, why not accordion? Some good examples of this would be Another One Rides the Bus, Lasagna, My Bologna, I Love Rocky Road, and any of his polka medleys. Also some of his songs have great guitar and keyboard parts such as Genius in France, Albuquerque, I Remember Larry, Eat it, Midnight Star, Traffic Jam, CNR, and UHF. And just try to imagine Hardware Store on vocals. Auto-devil tier.

3. He has a huge library of songs to choose from.
"Weird Al" has written over 150 songs spanning 13 albums, with a 14th on the way. Not even Green Day, Muse, or Metallica has that kind of catalog. And even if you take away the parodies, that still leaves over 75 songs to choose from, which is more songs than you can play on The Beatles: Rock Band including DLC. Also, the licensing of parodies shouldn't be a problem because "Weird Al" owns all the rights to his songs including his parodies.

4. There are already some novelty/comedy songs in RB.
Come on HMX, you've got Tenacious D, Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm, MC Frontalot, Parry Gripp, Spongebob, South Park, and Stephen Colbert already in RB. Surely you've got the will to have one of THE most popular comedic artists in your game. It only makes sense.

So please HMX, try and get "Weird Al" in RB. And here is a list of MUST HAVES if you decide to do so.
Genius in France
Hardware Store
Eat It
Another One Rides The Bus
My Bologna
Smells Like Nirvana
The Night Santa Went Crazy
White and Nerdy


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