Portland, OR - Rock Band Night at Red Room?

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So, in addition to the ongoing Rock Band Nights at Ground Kontrol, there were also Rock Band Nights at a club called Red Room near 82nd. However, those events have apparently stopped, as no events of the type are being held there for the rest of the month, according to the official calender on the venue's web page.

So, what's going on? Did the people running the events just decide to stop? Conflicts between the organizers and the venue? Ninjas disrupting the event? What? Inquiring minds want to know!


  • John-311John-311 Opening Act
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    I went to a couple of Rock Band Nights at the Red Room just after Rock Band 3 came out. It was a good event, nice organizers and a cool venue but they didn't promote it enough. There were only 5-10 people each time I went. The venue decided to change the event to an open mic night unfortunately. I think Rock Band and Portland have enough gamer/musician nerds to sustain a weekly Rock Band night but you just have to know how to reach them and maintain their interest, which is not always an easy task.
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