RB3 online sucks

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I am very surprised the online structure of the rb franchise hasnt been updated or fixed. It pretty basic to expect a multiplayer game to have some sort of online chat room or player pools so players can find eachother on thier own without an auto-match system. Specially when players have different preferences and content. I got a pro guitar and its basically impossible to play it online due to the fact that noobs keep picking songs that have no pro G part, then joining and leaving game after game to try and "find" non noobs is rediculous. Also being that I actually spend money for dlc only to constantly get stuck with poor and cheap people who have 0 DLC gets frustrating to say the least. Also the scheme of everyone picks or removes songs at the same time just ends up being a battle of who can pick as many songs as possible and who can delete the setlist asap becomes an un-neccesary battle between players that just ends in me leaving or banning somone and going on the dodge-a-noob search all over again. The last 2 major games I have purchased from activision both have had HORRIBLE online multi-player setups. Starcraft2 is a complete flop because the online setup is a joke and RB3 online setup is a noob fest. Please make a patch to correct this as it is the absence of very simple and basic features that taints the multiplayer setup.
Make chat rooms or player pools so player can view and invite players at will.
Im done buying anything activision until I see improvement in thier multiplayer functions.


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    I would love to be able to see the number of DLC someone has, besides just making a tattoo or changing your Sign in Name. It would be an incentive for People to buy more, I think
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    ToExXx;4221404 said:
    The last 2 major games I have purchased from activision both have had HORRIBLE online multi-player setups... and RB3 online setup is a noob fest.

    Hang on, you're not saying that RB is from Activision are you? :s

    I agree in general with the post though, better matchmaking facilities would be very welcome.
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    Wrong forum section.

    In the main Rock Band section, there are already plenty of threads (with less inflammatory titles to boot) about RB3's online play features. Feel free to continue the discussion in one of those.
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