Why can't we export these songs?

DrNakedSpaceManDrNakedSpaceMan Unsigned
edited December 2010 in The Beatles: Rock Band
I mean if were able to export Rockband 1,2 and Green Day Rockband to Rockband 3 why can't we export songs from The Beatles Rockband to Rockband 3?


  • MostSpartan14MostSpartan14 Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    Basically, because Apple doesn't want other avatars playing Beatles music, among other things. They don't want you to be able to have drum fills on Beatles songs. Or being able to whammy or use the effects switch. Plus, it was already tons of money to license the Beatles songs for just TB:RB. It would probably cost a ton to license them for RB3 as well.
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