Anyone With 'Pro Tools' Willing to Help Me Out?

WhatshisfaceWhatshisface Unsigned
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Hi, here's my predicament:

A charting group out there is going to be putting my song onto the Rock Band Nertwork, so obviously I need to give them the correct stems for everything in my song.

Over the summer, I went to a local recording studio with my band to record this song. They gave us the master and I put it away. I never looked at it until just recently when I needed to send all of my stems over.

Now here's the problem. The recording studio consolidated all of the sound files...but that includes every single take we did...and they didn't label the ones that we used. The differences between the takes are so subtle, I have no idea which one is the right one, not to mention some of the takes we had to combine to make the song right. So long story short, I have no idea what the right stems are.

They did give me the session file for the song, which has all of the stems in it. However, they didn't export it in an open format. They saved it as a pro tools file, and now I can't open it. So, I went over to the studio today to ask them to change it for me and guess what? They went out of business.

So if there is anyone out there who has Pro Tools and would like to change the format of the file for me I will love you forever. I really want this on the Network, I've been wanting this for a long time. Please help!
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